Past Event: Friday, December 1, 2023

Asset tracing in financial disputes, insolvency and investigations

Understanding the role and diverse application of asset tracing and the different methods available is key to many financial disputes or investigations. Tracing assets is a complex task, requiring skilled financial and legal experts to 'follow the money' by untangling a web of transactions to locate misappropriated assets now held by various individuals or companies. 

In this seminar, Kelly Rigby, Forensic Consulting Partner at Grant Thornton explores the asset tracing options available in different scenarios, including formal insolvency proceedings and fraud investigations.  It also covers the application to family law and commercial disputes where asset tracing can be used to identify asset ownership and value and reveal hidden assets or undisclosed sources of income.  

We explore through the seminar the complex legal apportionment and priority rules within the Australian legal system, which require expertise and deep understanding to ensure the appropriate methodology is utilised.

Featured speakers

Joseph Box

Joe is able to provide an expert opinion in a range of dispute situations and has been a consultant in a range of commercial assignments.

Anne Dale

Anne is a forensic accountant, expert witness, and Accredited Business Valuation Specialist (CA ANZ) who works with clients involved in a range of financial disputes, including shareholder, commercial, family or estate issues. Anne provides expert advice and reports to either party involved (or both) their Solicitors, Counsel, and other advisers.

Kelly Rigby

Kelly works closely with senior executives, boards and their legal counsel to navigate complexities of fraud, corruption, employee misconduct and regulatory enquiry.