As many employers still await further details about whether they will qualify for JobKeeper, the Tax Commissioner has extended the time to make payments for the first two fortnights (i.e. 30 March – 12 April and 13 April – 26 April).

Top-up payments to reach the minimum $1,500 payment for each employee for each fortnight will now be accepted until 8 May 2020. Due to the “one in all in” rule, the minimum payment level must be reached for all eligible employees to be entitled to any claim in respect of each fortnight.

The deadline for employers to enrol for the initial JobKeeper periods was extended last week from 30 April 2020 until 31 May 2020.

So now employers have until 31 May to enrol to claim for the fortnights in April and May, provided they meet all the eligibility requirements for each of those fortnights. This includes having paid employees by the due dates for each fortnight as outlined below.

JobKeeper fortnight

Minimum payment due

30 March - 12 April by 8 May
13 April - 26 April by 8 May
27 April - 10 May by 10 May
11 May - 24 May by 24 May

The earlier you enrol, the earlier you will get paid your JobKeeper entitlement.

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