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Superannuation Tax Update: Other tax changes effective from 1 July 2012

09 Oct 2012

In addition to the announcements in the 2011-12 Federal Budget which take effect from 1 July 2012, a number of other legislative changes came into effect during the 2011-12 financial year.

Superannuation Tax update: SuperStream

09 Oct 2012

SuperStream is one part of a number of measures being introduced by the Government as part of its response to a review into the efficiency of Australian superannuation system. Legislation has not been passed by the Parliament at this stage.

Crisis Recovery cover

09 Oct 2012

With the incidence of cancer increasing year on year and the occurrence of cardiovascular diseases preventing many families from living a full life due to disability, it is becoming increasingly important to consider crisis cover as part of a personal protection plan. Many Australian families struggle, both emotionally and financially, when someone in their family is diagnosed with a life threatening or debilitating health condition.

Superannuation Tax update: SuperSeeker enhancements

08 Oct 2012

SuperSeeker is a new online search tool provided on the ATO’s website. It allows individuals to view information about their super, making it easy to track, find lost super and move it between super funds.

Corruption in sport: Do you really know how clean your organisation is?

08 Oct 2012

The report recently issued by the Australian Crime Commission “Organised Crime and Drugs in Sport”, highlights the threat to Australian Sporting Organisations of failures in Corporate Governance.

Tax Alert: Living Away From Home (LAFH) new law and ATO publishes reasonable food allowances

02 Oct 2012

The new LAFH rules have received Royal Assent, so are now law effective from 1 October 2012.

Get Started on Expense Management Today

12 Sep 2012

Numerous working hours are spent each week in dealerships around the country analysing how to increase sales, but how much time do you spend analysing your overheads? Declining margins and increasing overheads have become the norm over the past few years and it is essential for dealers to ensure they have this aspect of their business under control.

Queensland State Budget 2012-13

05 Jun 2012

Against a backdrop of falling State revenues, the Costello Commission of Audit Report and increasing costs including interest to service a ballooning State debt, the headline items from the Budget are:

Tax Alert: Superannuation Do's and Dont's

01 Jun 2012

As the end of the year is fast approaching please don’t forget to make your contributions as well as pay out in cash your minimum pension requirements.

Executive remuneration disclosure proposals for listed companies

07 Mar 2012

The Government has announced proposals to expand the current executive remuneration disclosures that listed companies are required to include in their Remuneration Reports, with the intent of having these amendments in place from 1 July 2013.