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State revenue offices and the ATO information sharing

25 Sep 2015

The sharing of information between the Australian Taxation Office and various other government agencies continues to form the foundation for data matching and compliance programs.

Reforming Australia’s Federation and Tax System

24 Sep 2015

Improving the Federation model and ultimately Australia’s overall fiscal position and productivity were the key driving objectives for discussion at the recent Australian leaders’ retreat held in Sydney on 22 July 2015.

Any GST hike must be offset

24 Sep 2015

As political debate continues around increasing the rate of GST, concerns remain that this move may prove detrimental to the Australian real estate and construction industry.

Tightened lending rules threaten industry growth

24 Sep 2015

New measures announced by the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA) and now implemented by individual banks run the risk of affecting development approvals and puts further pressure on house prices in Australia.

A message from our Global Head of Real Estate & Construction

24 Sep 2015

Another year, another PM! That’s five in five years, so one could be forgiven for thinking that Australia is governed by the opinion polls.

Imported building materials under scrutiny

24 Sep 2015

Tighter regulation on imported building materials is under construction following an apartment fire in Melbourne’s Docklands.

Streamlined process for new business applications

24 Sep 2015

New measures to be brought in from 1 July 2016, will allow for a smoother application process for registering a new business, with a commitment to reduce the number of business identifiers.

Redundant corporate entities?

24 Sep 2015

Do you have redundant corporate entities that are overcomplicating your group structure and incurring unnecessary costs each year? It may be worth considering undertaking a corporate simplification process.

New South Wales Real estate & construction update

24 Sep 2015

The NSW residential market has continued to report a steady growth with figures up 18.35% for all dwelling types. We also look at the Supreme Court’s new property dispute process and the unveiled location for the upcoming South West Airport.

Queensland Real estate & construction update

24 Sep 2015

Brisbane’s property market continues to be thrive with continued development approvals and major construction activity. We also look at a new Supreme Court decision regarding land tax recovery from commercial tenants