Aoliday AU Pty Ltd

  • Aoliday AU Pty Ltd ACN 630 582 553 (Subject to Deed of Company Arrangement)
  • GDST Pty Ltd ACN 611 368 739 (Subject to Deed of Company Arrangement)
  • Kootrip Pty Ltd ACN 624 683 003 (In Liquidation)

(Collectively “the Companies”)

On 24 March 2020, Philip Campbell-Wilson and John McInerney were appointed Joint and Several Administrators of the Companies.

Creditors who have any queries relating to the Companies should contact our office at or (02) 8297 2643.

Documents issued to creditors can be found at the link below.

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Joint and Several Administrator Philip Campbell-Wilson Contact Phil
Joint and Several Administrator John McInerney Contact John