It’s the source code for your programs, the algorithms for your trading platform, the purchasing patterns of your customers and the backbone of a modern business.

Technology has changed how we do business. The amount of data stored has increased exponentially, and the devices on which we store it are rapidly evolving.

It’s not only the rising volume of data that is an issue, but also the variety of data sources, from social media, audio and video, big data and embedded systems. Businesses and their advisers also face an increasing variety of regulatory and investigatory challenges. Obligations to prevent unethical business conduct, alongside conventional civil and criminal offences, create an evolving data governance and compliance burden.

Additionally, increasingly regulated environments means organisations must adopt stringent governance and compliance processes. As businesses become global, you need to deal with multi-jurisdictional investigations, litigation, and dispute resolution, address the threat of cyber attack and at the same time, protect the organisation’s value.

Effectively and efficiently identifying, preserving and analysing data for internal investigations, legal or administrative proceedings can place significant pressure on an organisation and its staff. The sheer volume of data generated by businesses poses the challenge of quickly identifying the key facts in the context of reputation and regulatory enforcement issues.

With the help of our experienced investigators and computer forensic specialists, our seamless team approach offers you a full range of expertise. Our digital forensics team can support you with:

Data preservation & recovery: We help you capture critical evidence residing in sometimes highly volatile digital media – from the forensic imaging of devices to analysis of data using emerging technologies. We also support you with eDiscovery and can collect, process, analyse and produce electronically stored information.

Digital analysis: We provide an immediate response to requests including reporting on metadata and provenance, internet activity, external connections and copying, destruction of evidence, smart devices, and we can conduct detailed forensic searches.