The Sweet and Sour for the Life Sciences Industry

13 May 2014

Celebrating the boost from the Government’s commitment to the $20 billion Medical Research Future Fund (MRFF), life sciences are cautiously optimistic following not so favourable tax reforms.

Government announces $11.6bn infrastructure investment to build our nation

13 May 2014

The Government continues to focus on long term growth and “nation building” through the contribution of $11.6 billion through its “Our Growth Package” announced in the Federal Budget tonight.

Changes to the R&D tax offset do not encourage growth

13 May 2014

The announcement that the Government will reduce the Research & Development (R&D) tax offset by 1.5%.

Save now, benefit in the future

13 May 2014

The Coalition’s 2014 Budget announcement is based on the premise that if we need to take our medicine now it will ensure Australia is best positioned to address future health needs.

Fine line in downsizing achieving public sector productivity gains

13 May 2014

A delicate balancing act will determine Government success in achieving public sector productivity gains.

Property sector’s significant revenue burden could decrease

02 May 2014

Property sector’s significant revenue burden could decrease.

Clarity in sight for the automotive industry

24 Apr 2014

Automotive industry welcomes support provided to car dealerships as the Commissioner of Taxation issued his preliminary guidance on the treatment of GST on the payments they receive from manufacturers.

Educational performance stagnates as funding dominates debate

11 Apr 2014

Federal Budget cut backs won’t allow current educational programs to survive.

Are we poised to maximize growth opportunities from the free trade agreements?

09 Apr 2014

Australian food and beverage businesses stand to gain from the free trade agreements with Japan and Korea, but are they geared for increased export into new markets?

What’s next for Australian retailers?

04 Apr 2014

Retail Industry experts Simon Trivett and Gayle Dickerson share their insights in the latest Quarterly Retail Industry report.