Property sector’s significant revenue burden could decrease

02 May 2014

Property sector’s significant revenue burden could decrease.

Clarity in sight for the automotive industry

24 Apr 2014

Automotive industry welcomes support provided to car dealerships as the Commissioner of Taxation issued his preliminary guidance on the treatment of GST on the payments they receive from manufacturers.

Educational performance stagnates as funding dominates debate

11 Apr 2014

Federal Budget cut backs won’t allow current educational programs to survive.

Are we poised to maximize growth opportunities from the free trade agreements?

09 Apr 2014

Australian food and beverage businesses stand to gain from the free trade agreements with Japan and Korea, but are they geared for increased export into new markets?

What’s next for Australian retailers?

04 Apr 2014

Retail Industry experts Simon Trivett and Gayle Dickerson share their insights in the latest Quarterly Retail Industry report.

Grant Thornton expands national footprint to North Queensland

04 Feb 2014

We are excited to announce that on 1 March 2014, the five Partners and 70 team members from the KPMG Cairns practice will be joining Grant Thornton Australia.

To succeed in China we must understand Chinese business better

03 Feb 2014

Grant Thornton calls on business leaders to work to better understand the outlook, motivations and approach of Chinese businesses.

R&D Rate Reduction will hurt vital product development in F&B

13 Jan 2014

The announcement that the Government will reduce the research and development (R&D) rate by 1.5% will further stifle product innovation in the food and beverage sector.

Affordable Housing backbenched

13 Jan 2014

The development sector took a hit to affordable housing in the 2014 Budget.

Business optimistic for further growth

22 Nov 2013

Queensland businesses have a newly positive outlook and are looking to take advantage of the new Government’s promised rules and regulations focussed on kick-starting growth.