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What women really want in the boardroom

09 Mar 2016

Turning promise into practice for International Women’s Day, we take a look at what really makes female leaders tick, and why businesses are letting themselves down in achieving gender diversity.

Biggest contributors of technology innovation go cap in hand

20 Feb 2016

Offshore digital service providers will broaden the GST base as the tax system catches up to the modern world and the way it consumes goods and services.

Netflix tax paves way for more to come

11 Feb 2016

Offshore digital service providers will broaden the GST base as the tax system catches up to the modern world and the way it consumes goods and services.

Digesting the prospects of GST on fresh food

17 Dec 2015

We’ve all heard the news along the grapevine, GST reform is looking more than likely to extend to fresh food as State and Federal leaders look for solutions to address inefficiencies in Australia’s tax system and strengthen its economic position. 

Strategic Development Fund & Minister for Mid-Size Business set to fill Government’s revenue gap

14 Dec 2015

An overlooked economic cornerstone, mid-size businesses are the engine room of the economy driving business confidence in the wake of anticipated revenue shortfall in the latest Mid-Year Economic Fiscal Outlook.

Proposed changes to insolvency laws allow reorganising for success and welcomed news for Australian mid-sized business

07 Dec 2015

Today’s proposed reforms to Insolvency Law contained in the National Innovation and Science Agenda Statement looks set to resolve a number of long standing impediments to restructuring distressed businesses – providing mid-size businesses a better chance to survive and thrive. 

ChAFTA provides platform for mid-size business to deliver jobs and revenue

22 Oct 2015

Welcoming the news ChAFTA will come in to force by December, mid-size businesses exporting to China will now be able to confidently invest in growing new markets, at the same time as creating new jobs in Australia according to Grant Thornton CEO, Greg Keith.

Outlook brightest for gold juniors

16 Oct 2015

Following another year of volatile and declining commodity prices across the board, most junior mining and exploration companies are doing it tough, but there is good news for gold juniors. Emerging with the brightest prospects, 63% of mining executives see the greatest opportunity over the coming year in the precious metal provides; followed by copper (50%), zinc (36%) and nickel (23%), according to the latest findings from the Grant Thornton 2015 JUMEX survey.

TPP creates growth beyond limitations of local market margin squeeze for professional services

07 Oct 2015

We welcome another global agreement that will encourage growing Australian professional service firms to pursue expansion into overseas markets with the announcement of the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement.

Move on from equal representation and embrace independence

23 Sep 2015

It’s time to ensure better governance supports the $2 trillion in funds managed by the superannuation industry and now is the time to rally support for the Superannuation Legislation Amendment (Governance) Bill 2015 introduced into the House of Representatives last week.