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Grant Thornton Australia offers graduate positions throughout our organisation, and each is a little different.

If you’re not quite sure of the difference between Private Advisory and Audit & Assurance, or any of our other service lines read on. We’ve detailed what each of our teams does on a day-to-day basis below, as well as a little about their approach and how they – and you! – can help our clients to grow.

Audit & Assurance

Our audit process is more than an annual compliance measure where we inspect our clients’ accounts to ensure all is in order. At the heart of our approach is the belief that our robust, independent audits deliver actionable insights and add substantial value for our clients and we are fiercely independent. We work with ASX-listed companies, privately owned businesses and Not for Profits and take the time to understand the organisation, including its profit drivers and key risks so that our clients get the best insights from the audit process.

We use Grant Thornton’s proprietary global audit methodology:  the latest technology to drive an efficient and effective audit process which makes learning the audit process at the start of your career a breeze.

Financial Advisory – Corporate Finance

Our Corporate Finance team delivers rapid, tailored, proven solutions that help our clients resolve business-critical challenges whether they’re looking to merge, buy or sell. Our success is underpinned by a focus on building deep relationships with our clients and valued intermediaries (including banks and other professional services firms). Our expertise encompasses three core areas:  Transaction Advisory, Valuations and Mergers & Acquisitions. In each of these areas we guide our clients through the financial issues and make sure they assemble the right resources, have the appropriate banking arrangements, achieve the right value for their business, get the deal done, and lay the groundwork for long-term success. This is the sexy side of accounting and graduate roles in Corporate Finance are highly competitive and fast-paced.

Financial Advisory –  Litigation and Forensics

Fraud and theft are ever-present concerns for businesses operating in today’s complex environment. At Grant Thornton Australia, our forensic consulting specialists assist organisations wherever they do business to manage the risks associated with fraud and theft, and navigate the legal landscape of transactions including litigation and disputes. We proactively help our clients address these challenges with robust advice and we’re supported by cutting-edge technology and thorough analysis. We help our clients meet the growing demands of transparency and accountability. If you’re looking to utilize your legal and accounting background, this could be the team for you.

Financial Advisory – Restructuring Advisory

Many businesses will need to restructure at some point in their life cycle to ensure they achieve their growth goals. Our restructuring advisory specialists design innovative, commercial solutions for businesses across the industry spectrum. We work with owners, managers and lenders to develop restructuring plans that entail not only financial and strategic analysis, but also management of team assessments to help struggling businesses get back on track to a successful future. This team often works with businesses in trouble where temperatures can run high. Do you have what it takes to help our clients get back to business?

Growth Advisory – Technology Advisory & Solutions

At Grant Thornton Australia, our Technology Advisory & Solutions team enables forward-thinking organisations to thrive in a rapidly evolving competitive landscape. We help our clients achieve business growth with technology strategy and advice that puts them in the driver’s seat for their business’ growth. Our consultants solve real-world business problems and inefficiencies with the clever use of technology. We are able to implement fit-for-purpose technology, including cloud-based ERP, CRM, Ecommerce and BI/CPM business solutions. We are inspired by leading-edge, integrated cloud applications and believe in innovation that delivers great client outcomes using proven implementation methodologies. If you’re comfortable with technology strategy and keen to learn about technology solutions, why not consider starting your career in this team with Grant Thornton.

Candidates for the Growth Advisory service line are not required to be eligible for entry into the CA program upon completion of their degree. 

Growth Advisory – Performance Improvement

Our performance improvement team are passionate about leading complex change programs through organisations to drive improved business performance.  We assist our clients with defining their business strategy, analysing new markets or services they can enter into, improve their operating model and organisational structure, and advising on the operational aspects of a deal or acquisition. We look for people who are curious, enjoy solving problems, articulate and are passionate in guiding clients through complex change projects.

Growth Advisory – Leadership, Talent & Culture

The Leadership, Talent & Culture team at Grant Thornton Australia helps our clients grow by designing and facilitating leadership, talent and cultural transformation programs that bring out the very best in their people.

We help business leaders to shape and deliver their employee strategy to achieve outstanding outcomes for their business and their people. We combine our industry knowledge with skills in change management, transformation and performance improvement (including talent and cultural transformation programs) to improve business performance and employee engagement. If you’re passionate about the difference people can make to a business and their culture, a graduate role in our Leadership, Talent & Culture team could be the start of a rewarding career.

Candidates for the Growth Advisory service line are not required to be eligible for entry into the CA program upon completion of their degree. 

Growth Advisory – Business Risk Services

A clear perspective or an informed opinion can help businesses establish robust internal controls, use technology effectively, and manage regulatory compliance. Grant Thornton Australia’s Business Risk Services team does this every day with our mid-size business clients. Our expertise helps our clients to strengthen their governance processes, implement sound organisational strategies, increase technological capabilities and drive greater operational efficiency. Graduate roles within this team are highly sought-after and provide the opportunity to work with our clients to develop strong risk-management systems from day one.

Candidates for the Growth Advisory service line are not required to be eligible for entry into the CA program upon completion of their degree. 

Growth Advisory – Asia Practice

There can be many challenges involved in expanding internationally, particularly into Asia where cultural nuances can have a significant impact on the success of a growing business. Our Asia team supports our clients to develop business opportunities both into Australia, and from Australia into the Asian region.  Our people have an appetite for solving complex problems, and are skilled at designing strategy, business transformation, cost optimisation, business intelligence, research and managing risk. If you’re interested in expanding your horizons to a career in helping foster stronger ties with the Asian region, this could be the team for you.

Candidates for the Growth Advisory service line are not required to be eligible for entry into the CA program upon completion of their degree. 

Private Advisory

Grant Thornton Australia’s Private Advisory team are passionate about helping our clients manage the challenges of the business cycle, and develop sustainable growth platforms.  We develop close, long-term relationships with our clients and work to understand their personal and business needs and aspirations, and tailor our services to suit.

We implement innovative accounting and business solutions to help our clients grow. Our clients could be just starting out, growing rapidly, exiting their business, or simply seeking to be wiser with their wealth. If you’re interested in private businesses – perhaps you have a background in family business? – a graduate role in this team could give you a great foundation for a long and successful accounting career.

Public Sector Advisory

Grant Thornton Australia’s Public Sector Advisory team helps government departments at all levels to ensure they are delivering appropriate service levels to the community efficiently. We help our clients understand and manage risk, design and implement the right governance and compliance structures, find the right technology approach and solutions for their department, and drive top-down organisational change programs. The public sector is a core part of the Australian economy, and advising on the best way for them to service the community can make for a rewarding work day.

Corporate Tax

Our tax team is adept at helping our clients understand all facets of their tax obligations in order to develop favourable tax positions. We work closely with our clients – mostly mid-size businesses – to deliver the tailored advice and insights that help them to successfully manage this critical aspect of their business. With a strong track record working with Australian-owned and multinational businesses across multiple jurisdictions, our service is second to none and our clients include some of Australia’s best-known brands. Tax is one of the only certainties in life, and this team could give you the foundation you need to provide meaningful, actionable tax advice throughout your career.

National Specialist Tax

Grant Thornton Australia’s National Specialist Tax team focusses on indirect taxes including GST, Transfer Pricing (the setting of the price for goods and services sold between controlled or related legal entities within an enterprise), global mobility of multinational companies’ employees, and taxes and rebates relating to research & development initiatives.  We deliver practical, commercial, tax-effective advice to mid-size businesses through understanding the pitfalls and the safe pathways, and guide our clients to make the best tax decisions for their organisation. This is a complex and interesting area of tax, and one many graduates are keen to specialise in soon after they start their accounting careers.

Where to from here?

Now that you know what each of our teams does, why not consier a graduate position with Grant Thornton Australia. Let us help you stand out from the crowd. Graduate positions will open in February 2017. Check out the application process page so you are ready to apply next year and don’t forget to create an account so you can receive job alerts.


Please note, depending on the location, not all service lines will have positions available. Please refer to the application form to find out which positions are available at each location.