Our stories

Caitlin BennettCaitlin Bennett

Office: Adelaide
Service Line: Private Advisory
Position: Associate
Degree/University: Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting and Management) at University of Adelaide
Graduated: 2016

Whilst the transition from university to professional services can appear daunting and challenging, the culture at Grant Thornton makes you feel part of the team from day one. There are a whole host of social activities to get involved in and always someone willing to lend an ear and offer advice. For me, my future at Grant Thornton means improving my leadership and commercial skills, building my knowledge of all things accounting, and continuing to get amongst the fantastic Grant Thornton culture.

I’ve learned a lot in my first year. I have come a long way since I started with regards to the type of work and responsibility I have been given. My typical workday has gone from sitting next to a buddy and asking 50 questions, to working on my larger jobs on my own.

I now converse with clients and actively work with Managers and Directors to find solutions to complex problems, rather than just asking them what to do. I have my colleagues to thank for that. The support provided – both on a technical and personal level - to progress my career has been incredible. 

"Without a doubt, the best thing about Grant Thornton is the culture. It is amazing how much you flourish and achieve when you’re working people who support you and want to see you do well."

Caitlin Bennett, Associate - Private Advisory

Aylin Kutlu

Office: Melbourne
Service Line: Corporate Tax
Position: Associate
Degree/University: Bachelor of Laws/Bachelor of Finance at La Trobe University
Graduated: 2017

Grant Thornton offers ample opportunity to develop both professionally and personally. They also provide a lot of support if you want to undertake post-graduate studies. There are an abundance of social groups to be involved in, where you can meet others outside your team. This is why I decided to begin my career as a Corporate Tax Associate at Grant Thornton.

My team takes the time to invest in me and assist me in achieving my goals. Given tax is constantly going through change, I have had the opportunity to come across some very interesting pieces of work. My typical day as a Corporate Tax Associate involves working closely with clients to identify tax sensitive items and apply the correct tax treatment to ensure an effective outcome. I have also had the opportunity to work with senior team members on interesting advisory work where I was able to apply the skills that I developed during my law degree.

"A typical day as a Corporate Tax Associate involves working closely with our clients to identify tax sensitive items and apply the correct tax treatment to ensure an effective outcome."

Aylin Kutlu, Associate - Corporate Finance

Callum SpencerCallum Spencer

Office: Melbourne
Service Line: Audit
Position: Associate
Degree/University: Bachelor of Commerce at Deakin University
Graduated: 2017

Having previously worked in a family business for almost 6 years, I was fortunate to have experience in a variety of the day-to-day business operations – seeing first-hand how challenging it can be to run a business and perform in a competitive market.

The opportunity to work at Grant Thornton has given me a chance to see how other businesses operate and how they deal with their own challenges.

Working in the Audit team has also given me great insight into how our clients plan for the future and grow.

I’ve been able to work with a wide range of businesses from a variety of industries. This means that each day is different and challenging.

The most enjoyable part of working at Grant Thornton is definitely the people – not only Grant Thornton employees but also our clients. Engaging with such a diverse group of people is truly satisfying. I really enjoy building relationships both internally and with clients, as we continue to be growth advisors to mid-size businesses. 

"Working at Grant Thornton makes me feel like I am making a difference and building foundations for growth - for myself and our clients."

Callum Spencer, Associate - Audit & Assurance

Bianca MichelbachBianca Michelbach

Office: Perth
Service Line: Indirect Tax (GST and R&D)
Position: Associate
Degree/University: Bachelor of Science and Master of Professional Accounting at University of Western Australia
Graduated: 2017

Indirect Tax is part of the broader National Specialist Tax team, so most of my team members are based in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. Although working remotely has its challenges, it's also quite rewarding and given me exposure to people around the country, and to a wider variety of work and industries.

Every day is different. I am mainly responsible for preparing clients’ activity statements (for GST compliance purposes), and assisting with the preparation of clients’ claims for the R&D tax incentive. This is not always straightforward and often involves research into certain areas of taxation law - so there is always something new to learn.

I am also involved in various types of advisory work, such as providing clients advice on whether their product is eligible for GST-free treatment.

One of the great things about work is that my client meetings often involve putting on a hard hat or safety glasses to visit a factory, workshop or laboratory, and seeing clients’ innovative projects first-hand.

The ongoing learning & development programs and service line-specific training available here really facilitates your professional development. There is a strong focus on teamwork and collaboration, and the supportive and inclusive culture at Grant Thornton is great, making it an awesome place to kick start your career.

"The ongoing learning & development programs and Service Line-specific training available here really facilitates your professional development."

Bianca Michelback, Associate - Indirect Tax

Matt HanlonMatt Hanlon

Office: Brisbane
Service Line: Audit & Assurance
Position: Associate
Degree/University: Bachelor of Commerce & Bachelor of Economics at University of Queensland
Graduate: 2016

My time at Grant Thornton started on a high when we were brought together for team building, technical training, and soft skills development. 

Fast forward and I have now finished my first audit reporting period, formed great friendships in the team and look back at the last eight months in utter disbelief of how much I have learnt and grown. 

In Audit, no two days are the same. A typical day for me generally involves heading out to a client, reviewing client documents and work papers, performing audit testing, talking to Accountants, CFO’s, warehouse staff and being coached by senior associates and managers. 

What appealed to me about working in Audit is the variety of skills and exposure you gain at such an early stage of your career. I am continuously challenged to tackle new sections of audits, learn different auditing techniques and build relationships with clients. I have had the opportunity to work across a variety of industries such as manufacturing, technology, construction and not-for-profit. I recall that by my second week, I was already heading out to client sites and soon after having discussions with clients by myself. Stepping outside of your comfort zone is always encouraged and the right support is always provided.

"I have really enjoyed the opportunity to work across a variety of industries such as manufacturing, technology, construction and not-for-profits."

Matt Hanlon, Associate - Audit & Assurance

James McCluskeyJames McCluskey

Office: Melbourne
Service Line: Grant Thornton Consulting
Position: Associate
Degree/University: Bachelor of Arts/Law (Hons)
Graduated: 2016

I’ve experienced a significant amount of training and support since joining Grant Thornton. The Melbourne Grant Thornton Consulting team have been incredibly supportive of my development and encourage me to continually improve. Whilst I didn't initially consider my non-financial background (I am a laws/arts graduate) particularly relevant, the senior team see my professional and academic experience as an advantage – embracing diversity of thought. Since joining, I have developed my presentation, business and stakeholder management skills significantly and have worked in a variety of industries.

As an Associate, I support activities across a variety of Service Lines and work hard to get across information quickly and learn on the job. Partners and Managers are more than happy to spend time with me discussing how best to support clients and I have seen my input reflected in deliverables provided to senior stakeholders - both internally and externally.

I often go out and see clients to understand their business and help them to be the best they can be. I have particularly enjoyed the work I have completed in the further education and manufacturing sectors.

People at Grant Thornton are friendly and always up for a laugh. The Partners have developed a team which collaborate, celebrate successes and have fun at every opportunity. Grant Thornton is a great place to work.

"The senior team see my non-financial professional and academic experience as an advantage – embracing diversity of thought."

James McCluskey, Associate - Grant Thornton Consulting