Past Event: Wednesday, May 24, 2023

ADI Virtual Conference 2023

With end of financial year fast approaching, banks and financial services organisations need to consider current market conditions, regulatory changes and business planning.

How can you minimise your risk profile? What are the latest developments in Tax and financial reporting? How can you develop strong sustainability reporting strategies with the growing focus on environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) reporting?

Listen back to our ADI Virtual Conference as we dive into these themes, helping you set your business up for the year ahead.


Regulatory changes

The evolving global and local environment means a constantly changing regulatory landscape impacting ADIs. This includes increased focus on resilience – from operational through to cyber risk, strength of board capability and renewal practices, financial safety and stability – as well as recovery and exit planning, embedding the capital framework and considering climate related financial risks. Alongside this, there’s more on the horizon to strengthen ADI governance and risk management, including CPS 511 Remuneration. We’ll dive into these regulatory changes, the impact of the global landscape and how to manage the ongoing challenges


•  Claire Scott, Partner – Audit & Assurance
•  Tari Makanda, Partner – Audit & Assurance

Global snapshot

Joined by our Global Head of Financial Services representatives, we will discuss trends, current and emerging risks organisations face in global markets, what’s on the regulatory agenda and learnings for Australian businesses.

Sustainability Reporting

With a growing demand for transparency on sustainable practices and impacts of business activities, an ESG strategy is high on the agenda for most businesses. You’ll hear what reporting strategies can be implemented to meet upcoming standards and report in an efficient way.


•  Hugo Loneragan, Partner – Partner – Forensic Consulting

ESG Tax & Sustainability

With heightened audit risk activity from the ATO, ADIs should be on the front foot with tax risk governance, ESG tax implications and managing any outcomes of the 9 May Federal Budget announcement. Join us to ensure you’ve considered the right elements of your tax checklist before year-end.


•  Himashini Weeraratne, Partner – Tax
•  Cliff Chang, Director – Tax

The future of privacy and cyber security

With recent amendments to the privacy act and prudential standard CPS 234 Information Security, we’ll discuss how you can prepare for an APRA review, what the future looks like post-review and how to ensure ongoing cyber compliance.


•  Daniel Farthing, Partner – Risk Consulting

Operational risk management

With the implementation of prudential standard CPS 230 Operational Risk Management, which supports businesses resilience, we’ll dive into what you need to do to prepare and APRA’s expectations around risk identification, assessment and management.


•  Jane Stanton, Partner – Risk Consulting
•  Isabella Quant, Senior Manager – Risk Consulting

Financial modelling & data risk

This session will discuss our Banking Book Model, to support you with your strategic planning, budget process, review of financial and non-financial risks, ensure you can test the impact of regulatory and legislative changes and efficiently report to APRA.


•  Pierre-Olivier Lavergne-Brossard, Principal – Corporate Finance
•  Jacob Ellis, Senior Manager – Corporate Finance

Provision for expected credit losses

It’s important to consider potential losses your businesses may experience due to credit risk before year-end. To help you prepare, we’ll discuss the importance of forward-looking models, the role your auditor plays and what APRA expect. 


•  Kelsey Johnson, Director – Audit & Assurance

Navigating the digital economy

Join us to hear about the changing payments landscape and how Credit Unions can leverage their trusted relationships to provide digital services and real time payments to their members.


•  Dhun Karai, Partner – Financial Advisory

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Claire Scott

Claire has 17 years of external audit, assurance & advisory experience for financial services clients including superannuation funds, investment managers, ADIs such as Credit Unions, Mutual Banks and foreign banks, mortgage funds and other financiers covering residential mortgage funds, personal lending, commercial lending, leasing and specialty finance.

Tari Makanda

Tari is an experienced financial services specialist who combines her technical skills with international experience, having worked in Zimbabwe, Cayman Islands and Sydney. Tari is committed to building strong relationships with her clients and takes a commercial and pragmatic approach to deliver an excellent service and high quality deliverables.

Himashini Weeraratne
Partner & Head of Financial Services - Tax

Himashini has over 18 years’ experience providing tax advisory and compliance services to financial service providers, fund managers, managed funds, superannuation funds and their advisors. She also has extensive experience in project managing and coordinating a diverse range of funds and superannuation funds, and assisting clients with detailed knowledge of the taxation and regulatory issues affecting their industry.

Cliff Chang

Cliff provides GST advice to taxpayers across a range of different industries, with specialist expertise in the financial services industry.

Daniel Farthing

Daniel is a cyber security risk and technology controls Partner based in Grant Thornton's Sydney office. With 15 years of experience in the United States and Australia, Daniel is one of the market's leading experts on SOC-2 and technology controls audits more broadly -- including reviews with a focus on cyber/information security, access, change management, data governance and processing integrity.

Jane Stanton

Jane has over 20 years of financial services industry experience having worked in a variety of senior risk management, internal audit and finance roles for APRA regulated and listed entities.

Pierre-Olivier Lavergne-Brossard
Partner & National Head of Business Modelling

Pierre leads Grant Thornton’s Business Modelling Services practice nationally. He has over 15 years of experience in financial modelling, valuations, decision support and project/infrastructure finance and supported the due diligence of several large-scale merger and acquisitions opportunities.

Isabella Quant
Senior Manager – Risk Consulting
Isabella Quant

Isabella is an experienced manager in the Financial Services Risk Consulting team with experience leading internal audits, delivering culture and governance reviews for APRA regulated entities, designing, reviewing and implementing risk management frameworks, assisting regulated entities to implement prudential standards and developing programs and initiatives to improve risk and control environments.

Kelsey Johnson
Director – Audit & Assurance
Kelsey Johnson

Kelsey has 12 years’ experience in the financial services sector, working with organisations to produce financial statement audits, internal audits, prudential standard compliance reviews and providing technical accounting advice.

Jacob Ellis
Senior Manager – Corporate Finance
Jacob Ellis

Jacob works with organisations to create bespoke financial modelling solutions, help raise equity, undertake M&A and project finance advisory.

Dhun Karai

At Grant Thornton, Dhun leads the Payments and Financial Services Advisory practice drawing on deep local and global expertise from years of work with the leading banks, merchants, acquirers, government services, card schemes, technology/fintechs, regulators and investors.