Disruption is happening, organisations need to harness change to influence its direction. This was the crux of an engaging session we hosted with AGSM’s Melbourne Alumni this week on the business of transformation.

Increasing customer expectations, innovative business models and the need to remain relevant are creating the need for constant change and business transformation.

Whilst organisations know they need to change, most struggle to derive value from their business transformation efforts. 

Our top takeaways for embracing and embedding a successful business transformation:

Corporate real estate

 Creating alignment of organisational priorities and being clear on where value is being created.


Corporate real estate

Great transformation leaders provide the context for every individual in the organisation to determine how they fit in the change.


Greener homes

Methodology doesn’t get you there. Authentic communication of the context for change is the key to mobilisation.


Tracking the shift

Given the accelerating pace of disruption and change, implementation projects have to have clear objectives and short and shallow ‘J’ curves. 


Changing society

Advisors should be an organisations dispassionate navigator, helping the client to stay true to their chosen course. 

Change is coming. And with a steady and adaptable hand at the helm and a transparent approach to communicating and embedding change, all companies can be masters of their own change.

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