Helping our clients grow and achieve their strategic objectives through cultural transformation programs.

Culture is what defines and differentiates an organisation’s competitive advantage. We work with leaders to align their organisational culture to meet their strategic objectives, values and higher purpose. This is achieved through designing and delivering creative and engaging initiatives that build the confidence, belief and advocacy from all their people. Organisations with high performance cultures demonstrate internal cohesion, attract and retain talented people, and create an engaged environment where employees are motivated to maximise their potential. High performance cultures are focused, driven by values and vision, with a high level of alignment to organisational strategy. The leaders of these organisations practice inspirational and values based leadership coupled with a genuine concern and care for the wellbeing of their employees.

What we do

Grant Thornton’s human capital team brings national and global experience to help organisations thrive and grow by building values-based cultures. Through a combination of collaborative interventions and transformation programs, we help initiate, manage and embed the change process at the individual, team and enterprise level. Our approach focuses on putting your people and customers at the heart of the change. This relies on leaders and team members genuinely participating in the change through personal reflection of their connection to the higher purpose. We can assist with:

  • cultural diagnosis
  • executive and senior leadership culture alignment
  • cultural transformation interventions
  • improving employee engagement
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