The use of data analytics is an extremely powerful tool for organisations to – objectively – understand the business. If utilised properly, it can provide transparency and visibility, and offer deep insights to support business decisions: from shortfalls and risk, to areas of opportunity and growth. But the data within your business is often an untapped resource. If not captured completely and efficiently, actionable insights can be missed.

The team at Grant Thornton partners with businesses to understand the multitude of data points within the organisation and to deliver operational and strategic insights to create value for your customers, employees, stakeholders and organisation.

Our data and analytics solution mines your data to build a picture of a moment in time, the past – and even for the delivery of future competitive advantage. Our performance management experts will help you to steer your organisation by pulling the right levers.

Our approach helps improve efficiency, achieve market potential, drive growth and maximise profitability. This includes support to develop data strategies, data infrastructure and governance frameworks, and digital transformation initiatives  


We work with external partners to deliver successful data analytics solutions.


Jamie Downs
Partner & National Head of Management Consulting
Jamie Downs