Where are you playing to win and grow, now and into the future?

It’s essential that leaders take a thorough approach to strategy design and execution to properly chart the long-term and short-term course, consider the capabilities and resources required, and build the systems and process that will ensure delivery. 

Our Strategy & growth team works with C-Suite and business owners to identify, test and articulate their strategy for growth, and to help execute and deliver on that strategy to create sustainable success and profitability within their business.

At its simplest: we are specialists in the design and delivery of executable strategy.


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Good strategy results from making the right strategic choices. Making the right choices is about asking the right questions. We work with clients to help them define the right questions to explore, and enable them to constructively challenge themselves to think broadly, but with focus, as they seek to find the answer.

We support our clients across all stages of strategy design and detailed short- and long-term planning, right through to execution.  We work with clients to align (and re-align) the business model, management, communications and risk management to deliver the optimal future state of their businesses.

Growth & sustainability

As noted above, sustainable growth comes from making the right choices. In our experience, sustainable growth comes from a balanced portfolio of organic and inorganic investments, appropriate to your market conditions and maturity. We support our clients in the detailed development and execution of both aspects of growth strategies through our:

  • Extensive experience in supporting clients to determine the most profitable future customers, products or channels for growth and how to access them
  • Deep capability in research, assessment and qualification of acquisition opportunities to identify the best fit for growth by M&A – including adviser selection and helping you transact through our Financial Advisory teams.

Board advisory

Being a Non-Executive Director has never been more challenging – it has become commonplace to talk about the VUCA world; a world of increasing volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity.

Boards and their members don’t have the luxury of contemplating these issues, they stand at the front line of dealing with them. We understand first-hand the challenges and risks faced by Board Members, made even more difficult by constantly evolving regulation, an increasingly litigious environment and declining levels of public trust in public and private institutions.

Our team supports Boards in developing appropriate responses to the changing environment working with individual Board Members and Boards as a collective, based on our real world experience of the Boardroom environment. Whether considering strategy, governance, financial oversight or risk, we have experience and up-to-date perspective on the most appropriate Board responses across a range of industries.

C-Suite support

The traditional function of the CFO, COO, CIO and CMO has evolved from being fundamentally operationally-focused and overseeing the implementation of strategy, to now also including effective stakeholder management, value creation and broad-based leadership, including devising strategy.

Our team advises, mentors and supports C-Suite executives to be personally successful, aligning personal ambitions and capability development to the needs of the business.