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The ATO continues to focus on their use of data to risk profile multinational taxpayers

18 Dec 2018

With the ATO continuing to focus on their use of data to risk profile multinational taxpayers, changes will impact lodgements before the 15th of January.

New Division 7A rules proposed

10 Dec 2018

Division 7A turned 21 this month. These rules, that govern so-called non-commercial loans and payments between private companies and their shareholders and associates, have long been unwieldy and difficult to comply with.

Increasing risks of foreign bribery, is your business ready?

22 Nov 2018

This is our third client alert in a series on proposed law reforms, the previous regarding Whistleblowing and Modern Slavery.

Foreign purchaser stamp duty surcharge on residential property

13 Nov 2018

WA is the latest State to levy a surcharge on direct and indirect acquisitions of residential property by foreign purchasers.

Grant Thornton advises on the successful sale of AudioXtra to AUTOBACS SEVEN

07 Nov 2018

Grant Thornton is pleased to congratulate the shareholders of AudioXtra Pty Ltd (AudioXtra), a leading specialist mobile and car electronics manufacturer, wholesaler and distributor, on their sale to the Japanese listed automotive wholesaler and retailer, AUTOBACS SEVEN Co. Ltd. (AB7).

Is your business leveraging government support?

05 Nov 2018

If you are planning to invest in your business there may be a role for government co-funding support to achieve bigger, better of faster outcomes.

South Australia State Budget 2018-19

05 Sep 2018

The new South Australian government handed down its first State budget on 4 September 2018.

Is your business ready for Modern Slavery legislation?

21 Aug 2018

Modern Slavery, in its simplest terms, refers to exploitation of a person for the gain of another person/group and often leaves the person feeling trapped in unethical conditions.

Hybrid Mismatch rules passed by Parliament

20 Aug 2018

On 16 August 2018, the Federal Parliament passed new legislation on Hybrid Mismatch arrangements, targeting Australian entities operating within a multinational group, with hybrid instruments in place, or plans to restructure such arrangement.

Change in fuel tax credits from 1 August 2018

07 Aug 2018

The ATO has announced a change in the fuel tax credits (“FTC”) rate from 1 August 2018. This FTC rate change is reflective of the bi-annual indexation of rates which are made in line with the consumer price index (“CPI”).