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Airport Doors Group

Airport Doors Group (In Liquidation) ("the Companies")

  • CZAPP Pty Ltd ACN 005 784 369 (“CZAPP”)
  • Airport Doors Pty Ltd ACN 008 002 695 (“Airport Doors (SA)”)
  • Airport Doors (WA) Pty Ltd ACN 088 769 233 (“Airport Doors (WA)”)
  • ACN 000 008 024 Pty Ltd ACN 000 008 024 (“Richard Brady & Sons”
    (Collectively referred to as ‘the Companies’)(All In Liquidation)

John McInerney was appointed as Voluntary Administrator of the Companies on 24 August 2016 and subsequently appointed as Liquidator of the Companies on 28 September 2016.

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Voluntary Administrator

John McInerney

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