• Centaur Litigation SPC  
  • Centaur Litigation Limited  
  • Centaur LItigation Unit Series 1 Limited

(All in Official Liquidation)

Pursuant to orders of the Grand Court of the Cayman Islands on 25 June 2015, Hugh Dickson of Grant Thornton Specialist Services (Cayman) Ltd, David Bennett of Grant Thornton Recovery & Reorganisation Limited and Said Jahani of Grant Thornton Australia Limited were appointed Joint Official Liquidators of the following companies (“the Companies”):

  • Centaur Litigation Limited;
  • Centaur Litigation SPC; and
  • Centaur Litigation Unit Series 1 Limited.

 The appointment of the Joint Official Liquidators follows the appointment of Hugh Dickson, David Bennett and Said Jahani as Joint Provisional Liquidators on 27 June 2014 pursuant to Orders of the Grant Court of the Cayman Islands.

During the course of the official liquidations, the Joint Official Liquidators will continue with their efforts to preserve and realise the assets of the Companies, and to investigate the affairs of the Companies.

Any queries regarding the official liquidation of the Companies should be directed to centaur.enquiries@au.gt.com.

Please click the following links to access information on the liquidations.

Joint Provisional Liquidator Said Jahani