Your career begins well before you finish your degree…the future is now.

Many employers specifically look for relevant work experience when they recruit university graduates. So, while you’re studying, it can be valuable to gain some practical experience.

At Grant Thornton, we give undergraduates like you the opportunity to get your career off to a flying start with our Vacation Experience Program. The program runs for four to six weeks and offers opportunities across all of our service lines, like business advisory, audit, tax and private advisory. We are looking for students who are in at least their second year of their degree to participate in the program.

Get busy with real work

As part of the program, you’ll be given actual tasks as part of ongoing projects. You’ll have regular contact with partners and clients, and you’ll be given a buddy to ensure you’re well supported during the program. We’ll also give you training opportunities and meaningful feedback so you can build your skills and knowledge.

Build your personal and professional networks

In our program, you’ll be welcomed into Grant Thornton. You’ll be invited to professional and social events and given opportunities to meet people and grow your networks – including other people on the vacation program.

Get a foot in the door

At Grant Thornton, you’ll gain valuable experience that puts you a step ahead. You’ll be putting your studies into practice, as well as seeing what the CA process is like. And at the end of the vacation program, you may be offered a position as a new Associate for when you’ve completed your degree.

Vacationer experience positions will open in February 2019. Check out the application process page so you are ready to apply, and don’t forget to create an account so you can receive job alerts

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