Past Event: Wednesday, November 8, 2023

Expected Credit Loss modelling workshop

Navigating the complexities of Expected Credit Loss (ECL) calculations by combining insights from historical data, predictive modelling, as well as considering economic conditions and forecasting can be challenging.

To ensure you're best prepared for the demands of AASB 9 Financial Instruments, join our complimentary workshop as we discuss the intricacies of ECL and how to set your business up for success.

Listen back to this workshop, you'll gain insights into various ECL methodologies, predictive modelling, risk management, and leveraging technology, as well as dive into best practice scenarios. You'll leave this session with greater technical expertise and valuable insights into ECL implementation for your business.


Liam Te-Wierik
Partner & Head of Audit Data Analytics

Liam is passionate about technologies disrupting the traditional business models and operations of our clients. As the Head of Audit Data Analytics, he supports our auditors in adopting new age practices such as data analytics and visualisation and embedding into the whole audit lifecycle.

Claire Scott

Claire has 17 years of external audit, assurance & advisory experience for financial services clients including superannuation funds, investment managers, ADIs such as Credit Unions, Mutual Banks and foreign banks, mortgage funds and other financiers covering residential mortgage funds, personal lending, commercial lending, leasing and specialty finance.

Jatin Kalra
Director – CFO Advisory at Grant Thornton Bharat
Jatin Kalra

Jatin is an subject matter expert on Expected Credit Loss modellings. He has assisted large banks and other financial institutions on ECL across South East Asia, South Asia, Australia, Middle East, and Sub Saharan Africa.