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Flex-appeal goes a long way towards workplace happiness: Grant Thornton breaks the mould

It’s no surprise priorities have clearly shifted across all demographics in the workplace* and businesses are rapidly changing to keep up with meeting the challenges around work life balance as well as achieving diversity and workforce participation.

Pushing the boundaries a little further, Grant Thornton is excited to announce three leading initiatives to respond to these challenges and break the mould to create a great experience for their people so they are inspired to deliver great outcomes for clients:

  1. First corporate in Australia to challenge outdated legislation by providing early access to long service leave
  2. Industry leading paid parental leave program, moving to 26 weeks paid parental leave
  3. Embracing ‘Flexibility’, empowering all its people with the opportunity to work flexibly

“We’re serious about creating a distinctive people experience that will drive exceptional outcomes for our clients,” said Greg Keith, CEO, Grant Thornton Australia.

Leading Australia’s corporate agenda and recognising outdated legislation, Grant Thornton will provide its people with an innovative leave option set to disrupt the market and set new standards.

Those who have been with the firm for at least two years will have an extra week’s leave per year through early access to their long service leave.

“Workforce demographics and the needs of our people are shifting and we are not afraid to adapt to these changes. We are creating an environment that really meets the needs of our people,” said Mr Keith.

Setting new standards in the industry Grant Thornton operates within; the advisory firm announced a leading paid parental leave scheme, offering 20 weeks paid leave for the primary carer, effective immediately further increasing that commitment to 26 weeks paid leave for the primary carer effective 1st May 2017.

In addition, secondary carer’s paid parental leave has also increased to two weeks, effective immediately.

“We’re committed to our people and we care deeply about them and their families. The new parental leave program allows us to provide our people with the opportunity to give both their families and careers the attention they deserve,” said Mr Keith.

The advisory firm has further announced that it is providing all people the opportunity to work flexibly. Fostering a fun and innovative environment, the policy, dubbed ‘GT Flex-appeal’ seeks to make space for its people to achieve everything they aspire to. By encouraging conversations across the firm, the policy opens up consideration of various types of working arrangements. These arrangements meet the needs of the firm and its clients, while also supporting its people in simultaneously achieving their work and personal goals.