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Grant Thornton appoints new Human Capital partner

Today Matthew Croxford, formerly of Human Synergistics, has joined Grant Thornton to lead our national Human Capital practice.

Having previously worked with clients including Sanitarium, SunRice, Woolworths, local councils across Tasmania, the Northern Territory, Queensland, Western Australia and New South Wales, as well as Grant Thornton, Matthew brings extensive experience in coaching, strategy development and implementation and workshop facilitation.

“Workplace culture is at the forefront of many of the conversations we have with clients – particularly off the back of the Royal Commission and the MeToo movement. Even companies untarnished by corporate misbehaviour are conscious that their ability to grow, be innovative and responsive comes down to their people and having a workplace culture that removes blockages and creates opportunities for people to excel,” said Paul Billingham, National Managing Partner of Grant Thornton Consulting.

A good culture should not only be good on paper – it should work for, and be felt by, everyone.

Matthew has firsthand experience of the power a good culture can have on a business from his work with Sanitarium. Sanitarium went through an extensive culture review and change management process which paid dividends when Sanitarium sought to develop and launch gluten-free Weet-Bix in 2014 – with staff at all levels buying into the new product and helping to make it a success.

In addition, Matthew’s leadership development programmes and executive coaching has fostered the development of hundreds of leaders from national and international companies across mining, education, energy, water and telecommunications. 

Highly relevant in today’s business climate, Matthew is also experienced in the provision of support and strategic direction for restructuring, leadership transitions, operational modelling and culture change.

“There is no better time than now for companies to take stock of where they are, and where they want to go. Working with mid-sized businesses, who are often less encumbered by legacy processes and procedures compared to the big end of town, there is a real opportunity for positive change,” said Matthew Croxford.

“With growing expertise in the human capital space, I expect Grant Thornton will be able to provide real value and insight to our clients to help them harness culture and people as enablers of growth and success,” finished Matthew Croxford.

Grant Thornton provides support to clients across all sectors on organisational transformation, strategy and planning, leadership and talent development, human resources, and culture.

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