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Grant Thornton proud to be an Inclusive Employer

The Diversity Council of Australia (DCA) today announced that Grant Thornton has been recognised as an Inclusive Employer 2021-2022. Following a rigorous survey of the Australian workforce from a national representation of 3000 Australian workers conducted in May 2021, Grant Thornton exceeded the National Index Benchmark across all the staff, teams, managers and the organisation’s “Inclusive Standards” metrics.

An inclusive organisation is defined by the DCA as one where employees trust their organisation to treat them fairly, feel diversity is valued and respected, and report that top leaders demonstrate a visible and genuine commitment to diversity and inclusion.

This year’s DCA Inclusion@Work Index survey sample included Grant Thornton Australia’s employees. The responses overwhelmingly indicated Grant Thornton is committed and active in workplace diversity and inclusion resulting in a workplace environment where people are respected, connected, progressing and contributing to organisational success.

Greg Keith, CEO Grant Thornton said: “I am so proud of our people and organisation to be acknowledged as an Inclusive Employer. We created a company ethos based on our values of collaboration, authenticity, responsibility and excellence, and achieving high standards of inclusion across all the parts of our business is a reflection of how our people are living these values and bringing them to life at work each day.

“Promoting an inclusive work environment where people feel heard and valued is as important to our organisation as delivering the best possible service for our clients. We value inclusion and recognise the diversity of our staff as a vital ingredient to a successful and vibrant business.”

Based on Grant Thornton’s individual results from the DCA Inclusion@Work Index 2021-22, team members who are in inclusive teams within the organisation are more likely to work effectively, to innovate, and to produce a higher standard of work. In addition, the survey found Grant Thornton team members in inclusive teams had greater job satisfaction, were more receptive to constructive feedback, and less likely to leave their workplace within the next 12 months.

Further information about the Diversity Council of Australia Inclusion@Work Index 2021-22 can be found here.


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