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Grant Thornton welcomes new leaders

Grant Thornton is delighted to announce the elevation of five new Partners and a Principal as of 1 July 2020, bringing the total number of Partners to 176.

“I am tremendously proud to announce the promotion of six talented leaders all of whom are incredibly impressive and have demonstrated genuine care for our clients, our people and the community,” said Greg Keith, CEO, Grant Thornton.

“David Gibson, for instance, was nominated for the Best Accountant Award at this year’s Beaton Client Choice Awards. This was based purely on the positive feedback his clients had given on how valuable they find David to work with.

“Cathy Devietti, our new Principal based in Cairns, is also a Director of our Grant Thornton Foundation and has devoted a tremendous amount of time and energy to support a local indigenous initiative, The Streets Movement, which provides programs, pathways and opportunities for youth through education, economics and empowerment,” said Mr Keith.

Not only does the 50/50 gender split reflect our passion for diversity but importantly they have all been with our firm or one of the predecessors for their entire career, demonstrating our ability to retain and nurture great talent.

The timing is significant considering the current economic climate. Entering into the first recession since 1991, all of our leaders will be essential support for our clients as they navigate the coming months and years.

“A large proportion of our work relates to compliance and strategic support with many of our mid-sized clients eligible for the various support measures on offer from State and Federal governments – including JobKeeper – we have been busy working through the complexities with our clients,”

 “With a renewed focus on reform and the creation of jobs from all levels of government, we’re positive this will provide opportunities for us to collaborate with our clients on new pathways forward,” finished Mr Keith.

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