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Grant Thornton wins Silver Employer Status in the Australian Workplace Equality Index

Grant Thornton has been awarded Silver Employer Status by Pride in Diversity for the first time, in their Australian Workplace Equality Index (AWEI) on 27 May 2022.

The Australian Workplace Equality Index (AWEI) is the definitive national benchmark on LGBTI+ workplace inclusion. The Index drives best practice in Australia and sets a comparative benchmark for Australian employers across all sectors.

This is the first time Grant Thornton has been awarded the Silver Employer Status at the AWEI Awards and is reflective of its continued efforts to ensure it creates and sustains a workplace that embraces each person’s unique self, ensuring all its people feel valued and a true sense of belonging.

The AEWI inclusion award benchmarks have increased significantly this year, which shows that organisations are continuing to shift the dial on LGBTI+ workplace inclusion.

“We have made progress in all areas of the index, however I am particularly proud of our achievements to further support Trans and Gender Diverse people within our workplace, including the creation of our Gender Affirmation policy, all gender bathrooms in our offices, availability of pronouns on our emails, and identified support in our recruitment process.” Greg Keith, CEO Grant Thornton Australia, said.

“Our LGBTI+ & Allies network, PRISM plays a key role in guiding our focus on LGBTI+ inclusion, helping to identify areas for improvement, and taking the lead on may initiatives beyond celebration days, their work is phenomenal and we’d like recognise their significant contribution on this result today. We are very pleased with achieving Silver Employer Status, and continue to invest in ways to further LGBTI+ inclusion at Grant Thornton,” continued Greg Keith.     

Many of Grant Thornton’s clients and partners participate in the AWEI Index as well. Grant Thornton extends its congratulations to them and to all participating employers.

Grant Thornton uses the acronym LGBTI+, which stands for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersex and (+) identifying other gender identities and sexualities not explicitly identified in this acronym, such as Asexual, Gender diverse, Queer or Questioning.

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