As organisations become increasingly dependent on digital technology, the opportunities for cyber criminals continue to grow.

All organisations are at risk – from small to large, across every industry.

The explosion of data generated by digital technology, combined with a new degree of connectedness among organisations, means that there is ripe opportunity for the technologically-savvy and criminally-minded to take advantage.

Cyber attacks are more focused, skillful and ambitious. Geographical borders are essentially meaningless. Regulators and stakeholders are increasing the pressure on organisations to manage these risks and cybersecurity is now a strategic and boardroom concern. Effective cybersecurity is rapidly becoming a critical issue on the agenda of business leaders.

From our experience, a majority of cyber attacks could be avoided by good cyber hygiene, which involves getting the basics right and not ignoring the risk.

Additionally, with the introduction of the mandatory data breach notification scheme in Australia in May 2018, there are on average 250 data breach notifications per quarter – of which, approximately 60% are malicious or criminal attacks. 

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Businesses are under increasing scrutiny over their privacy policy and practices, and cybersecurity incidents are becoming highly publicised.

Nearly all Australian companies are affected by the mandatory data breach notification scheme. With financial penalties of up to $1.7 million for corporates and $300,000 for directors, understanding your data, potential areas of risk, and having a plan in place is crucial to the financial status and reputation of all businesses affected.

It’s time for a proactive and practical cyber security approach

We work with you to identify and guard against potential cyber risks to your organisation and mitigate data breaches and hacks when they occur.

Our team provides detailed, actionable insight that incorporates industry best practice and standards to enable you to strengthen your cybersecurity position and help you make informed commercial decisions.

Take the steps to understand your current state

Cyber security doesn’t need to be masked in jargon or require investment in expensive, complex solutions to reduce your risk. Take the steps to understand your current state, detect threats and implement robust defences.

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Identify risks, threats and breaches with cyber health check, cybersecurity risk and threat assessments, security policy development, security process or technical assessments, and third-party cybersecurity assurance.

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Protect your organisation with comprehensive technical frameworks and broader processes required to protect your business. We can help you with security architecture, security technology implementations, security process design and implementation, identity and access management, privacy and data protection, data classification, enterprise application integrity, business continuity and disaster recovery, and penetration testing.

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Respond to imminent cyber threats, and support and monitor your cyber security operations and to respond rapidly and forensically in the event of a security or data breach.

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Recover from security or data breaches, and come up with a plan to improve and better manage your cybersecurity capability. Our specialists can help you plan and implement a security program strategy, security governance and security awareness.

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Take back the power to understand the cyber security risks to your organisation