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Allowing customers want to pay when they want, how they want.

Just over three years old, Verrency provides innovation as a service in the payment space. This exciting fintech allows banks and financial providers to deliver a truly personalised and seamless experience to customers. Activate, lock, block, or enable spending limit controls on customer’s cards anywhere their details have been saved in real-time. Send contextual notifications when payments are made (this is your first purchase here). Allow customers to pay using card, points or cryptocurrency. No matter how your customers choose to pay, they can. Better yet, Verrency complements existing infrastructure so no need for new technology or merchant integration.

Based out of Melbourne, Verrency has experienced fast-growth and now employees 30 people with clients in four continents. Watch David Link, founder, and CEO of Verrency, discuss their growth story and what’s next for the company.

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