Industry leader Darrell Price

National Head of Health & Aged Care

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Grant Thornton understands the core issues in the health and aged care sector, and the delicate balance between mission purpose, service delivery and standards and financial performance.

Health, aged care and community care services all face substantial challenges, now and into the future. These include rising public expectations, the ageing population, the increasing burden of chronic disease and new modes of delivering, organising and funding services. These factors drive demand for service capacity, quality, and safety and efficiency, and they present unique strategic, operational and financial challenges.

We know that people are at the core of health and aged care services. Our team includes highly experienced industry specialists with a strong track record of engaging effectively with clinicians, service managers, boards, frontline staff and other stakeholders. We are passionately committed to improving health and aged care and have extensive experience in the planning and implementation of change. We also have a strong capability in technology and data analysis.

Supporting our clients through the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality & Safety

With many providers receiving requests for information from the Royal Commission, one of the ways we are supporting our clients is through data-net - a methodology designed to identify gaps in data and provide a foundation for developing a roadmap to improve data quality and reporting. We recommend undertaking a full data audit to establish where all of the enterprise data is. Grant Thornton has developed the data-net model to assist providers in doing this.

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Grant Thornton offers a broad range of services that can be customised to meet the particular needs of your organisation.  

These include:

Compliance & governance

Operational advisory

Audit & assurance Market demand modelling
Direct & indirect tax Service model design & integration
Fraud & forensic services Performance improvement
Governance reviews Funding modelling
Board performance Capital projects management & integrity
  IT systems procurement & optimisation

 Financial Advisory

Change management
 Financial analysis Workforce analysis & planning
Lending & funding reviews  Leadership advisory
Valuations, mergers & acquisitions  Strategic service planning
  Service review & evaluation
  Implementation support for new initiatives

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