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            Mid-size businesses (MSBs) are a vibrant and dynamic business segment, they play a crucial role in the growth of Australia's economy; they make a significant contribution to Australian GDP, are major employers throughout Australia and the fastest growing business sector in the economy – and yet they are often overlooked by policy makers.

            Grant Thornton is a mid-size business, we understand the challenges faced by mid-size businesses. Our growth advisors are passionate about the mid-size business sector.  We work with thousands of Australia’s most dynamic mid-size businesses each year, combining our insights, experience, industry knowledge and global resources we help identify growth opportunities and work with our clients to develop strategies to accelerate growth and ensure it is sustainable. 

            Mid-size businesses are in a unique position and face unique challenges. 

            Our mid-size business leaders report series draws on thought leaders from inside and outside Grant Thornton to provide actionable insights for leaders of dynamic mid-size business.

            You can subscribe to receive our mid-size business leader report series.

            Mid-size businesses are defined as having turnover between $10-500 million annually

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            Asian expansion strategy

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            Growth Engines

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            Digital disruption

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            Insights for mid-size businesses

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