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Growth engines: Four strategic shifts to accelerate growth

Greg Keith Greg Keith

Many mid-size businesses fall into one of two camps: those struggling to grow and those struggling with growth.

This split highlights the hallmark challenges for mid-size businesses. The first group have a solid engine, one that powered them off the line and past smaller businesses, but now they are stuck in the middle of the pack, in a different race, struggling to find the thrust they need to accelerate once again. The second challenge relates to growing pains, where companies shoot up too fast. Having found their formula for success, these companies rapidly gain more customers, orders, projects, people and locations than their infrastructure and leadership can handle.

This report examines some key differences between these slower and faster growing groups, looking at examples of each and exploring four growth engines to power them forward in the years ahead.

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Mid-size businesses are defined as having turnover between $10-$500 million annually

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