How it affects your business

In today’s tight market, managing costs is critical. 

Complex group structures and special legal entities created solely to serve a particular function may be costing you a lot of money. On the other hand, it can be expensive to rationalise large groups with complex legal and tax histories.  

That can make the question of whether to rationalise or not difficult indeed. 

How Grant Thornton can help

We can help you assess the costs and benefits of any prospective rationalisation. However, before going down that path, there are many other ways to reduce costs.

They include paring away unnecessary administration, using technology to automate information flow and business processes, and managing tenancy risk.

We can review your business to ensure the lowest possible costs. We can also look at your corporate tax structure to find new savings and gain rebates. 

If rationalisation is warranted, we’ll work with you to simplify complex group structures, reduce overheads, remove dormant companies, explore tax efficiencies, and ensure you claim any tax relief you’re entitled to.