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Women in Business

Women in business report: building a blueprint for action

Our 2019 Women in business report: building a blueprint for action shows that progress is being made towards gender parity at the senior management level.

The last 12 months have seen increases in both the proportion of senior roles held by women and the proportion of businesses with at least one woman in senior management. 

Beyond publishing the figures, we have also outlined the conscious and deliberate action businesses can take. These practical steps will help to increase the number of women in senior management, across all job roles, industries and regions.

As leaders of the world’s dynamic businesses, you hold the power to drive change. We are calling on you to join the conversation using the hashtag#BlueprintForAction and share your views on how we can all play our part to maintain momentum towards gender parity in senior management. 

Join the conversation on Twitter or LinkedIn and help us build a #BlueprintForAction. 

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