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Women in Business 2019

In 2019, our Women in Business campaign will focus on the real world and seeking solutions to leadership diversity. What is holding back women in leadership? How can we put in place a blueprint for action? This year marks a shift in our reporting on gender diversity in senior management.

Our 2019 Women in Business report: building a blueprint for action explores how to find out how momentum is building and how we can all drive change.

We’re taking a step forward to outline the practical steps toward increasing the number of women in senior management, across all job roles, industries and regions. 

What conscious and deliberate actions can businesses take to improve gender parity at the top?

To help us answer this question, we asked senior leaders from around the world to be Champions for action and to share their experiences so we can all learn.

We believe the power to create change lies within all of us, and invite you to join the conversation on how to design a business culture that supports true gender diversity.

Using the hashtag #BlueprintForAction, share your views on the challenges and successes you have experienced in promoting gender parity in your senior management team.

Creating change lies within all of us

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Women in business: building a blueprint for action

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