Managing the GST and indirect taxes like stamp duty, fuel tax credits and payroll tax can be a complex and costly exercise. In our experience, GST costs can account for up to 9 per cent of a company’s cash flow.

When it comes to indirect taxes, Grant Thornton’s specialists understand the pitfalls and the safe pathways. With our deep technical knowledge and practical experience, we can help you minimise the impact of GST and indirect taxes.

We deliver practical, commercial and tax-effective advice.

Offshore company operating in Australia?

Australian tax laws can be complicated. We’ll help you comply with them.


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Partner & National Head of Indirect Tax

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Doing business overseas?

With almost 700 offices in 131 countries, the Grant Thornton International network can also support you offshore.

In a dispute with the ATO?

We negotiate firmly and fairly with the ATO on clients’ behalf. Where necessary, we’ll take matters to the tax tribunal and beyond.

In addition, in relation to the GST and indirect taxes, we can help you manage your initial registration, compliance, transactions, acquisitions and disposals, and restructuring.

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