By 30 June 2021, APRA will have transitioned away from the PAIRS and SOARS supervisory model implemented in 2002 to a new, more contemporary, Supervision Risk and Intensity (SRI) model, which signals APRA’s first proportionate approach to supervision.

Encompassing the three core attributes of APRA’s supervision philosophy – risk based, forward looking and outcomes focused – the SRI Model will be the new common platform by which all APRA-regulated entities are assessed, and their level of supervision intensity determined.

The SRI has been developed to reflect the many changes within APRA’s regulated industries, environment, risks and supervisory approach. APRA have said the SRI Model is intended to be flexible and able to adjust to the evolving risk landscape.

The changes to this model is likely to change the intensity of your APRA supervision. You can see our breakdown of the changes below. This document provides an overview of the SRI Model and its key components, as well as how it will impact your business, how you can prepare and how we can help support you.


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