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Grant Thornton welcomes new leaders

Grant Thornton Australia celebrates the start of the new financial year with the promotion of 10 new Partners and three new Principals.

This complements the 13 Partner hires that have been made over the course of the last 12 months in response to the growth of the business and the evolving needs of our mid-sized client – bringing the total number of Partners in the firm to 164.

Welcome to:

  • Tom Paltridge – Tax Partner, Adelaide
  • David Chau – Audit & Assurance Partner, Adelaide 
  • Adam Alexander – Tax Partner, Brisbane 
  • Peter Parsons – Tax Partner, Brisbane
  • Stuart McDowall – Grant Thornton Consulting Partner, Brisbane
  • Katherine Shamai – Grant Thornton Consulting Partner, Melbourne
  • Kellie Badge – Financial Advisory Partner, Melbourne
  • Tim Jackman – Audit & Assurance Partner, Melbourne
  • Lorenzo Stella – Audit & Assurance Partner, Perth
  • Stephen Thomas – Audit & Assurance Partner, Sydney
  • Darrell Price – Grant Thornton Consulting Principal, Brisbane
  • Helen Lagis – Financial Advisory Principal, Sydney
  • Simon Ford – Grant Thornton Consulting Principal, Sydney

Notable amongst our leadership is the increased focus on business advisory to complement our recognised strength and expertise in tax and audit. Our growing consulting expertise – our team has grown 41% to 141 people in the last 12 months, with almost double the revenue for the same period – has allowed Grant Thornton to reinforce our role as trusted partners and growth advisors to our clients.

“The mid-sized business sector in Australia has been largely forgotten by legislators and the media – but they represent the potential for small business to become something greater and they offer competition to large enterprise,” Greg Keith, CEO of Grant Thornton Australia, said.

“Having made the transition from small business or start up, our clients are facing challenges associated with growth: digital disruption, scalability of service, cross-border and international regulation and human capital. Our growing leadership team work closely with our clients to make sense of the market and create the right conditions for success,” Greg Keith said.

In addition to an expanded service offering, Grant Thornton has also seen significant growth in our Food & Beverage, Health & Aged Care, and Real Estate & Construction industries, spurred on in part by evolving client requirements and changes in the industry, and supported by excellent teams that span the breadth of our technical and consulting offerings.

“One of our incoming Principals, Darrell Price, leads a team of more than 80 people with a focus on the Health and Aged Care industry. We have more people, doing more work in this space than most of our competitors – and the depth and breadth of our expertise across all of our service lines is helping to shape the future of this critical sector,” Greg Keith said.

“We continue to attract industry leaders to Grant Thornton, as well as fostering and promoting talented leaders to excel within the firm. Our aim is to firmly cement ourselves as the premier growth advisors to mid-sized business,” Greg Keith finished.

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Further enquiries, please contact:

Therese Raft
National Communications Manager
T +61 2 8297 2724