The telecommunications industry is changing rapidly and faces increasing regulatory pressures.

They are also responding to the flood of disruptive technology firms entering the market and tackling churn in a converging marketplace.

Despite this, telecommunication companies are rising to the challenge and continuing to thrive and change, handling the roll-out of new network technologies and an insatiable demand for bandwidth.

TMT businesses are succeeding in achieving accelerated growth. But adaptability and focus are crucial components as well: cool heads and clear thinking are imperative. And that’s where Grant Thornton comes in.

Our team at Grant Thornton has worked the in Australian and international telecommunications industry for over twenty years.

We have supported Enterprise, Consumer, Wholesale and Technology business areas, direct service providers and support providers.

We have been involved in the most challenging strategic and operational challenges the telco sector has faced.



Industry Leader Ian Renwood

National Head of Technology, Media and Telecommunications

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We have direct experience in the following areas:
Strategy and transformation consulting

Strategy and transformation consulting; including in the last two years:

  • Strategic planning, new product development, market testing and market entry plans for a major Australian telco.
  • Data led BI and digital transformation strategy and business case for a major Australian telco.
  • Operating model design and subsequent organisational Design and Process Definition for a major Engineering and Maintenance services organisation
  • Development and conduct of a leading-edge leadership development programme for a major Australian telco.
Technological change

Our team has extensive experience in the development of strategies for telco industry participants dealing with Technological change:

  • helping telecommunication and media entities develop strategies to react to and realise value from successive waves of technological disruption. This has included the development of investment cases, merger and acquisition activity, strategy development and channel optimisation and pricing engagements. We maintain an active practice today advising our clients on the implications of emergent technologies, not the least being the revolutionary implications of 5G for many of their core business activities.
New entrants and changing competitive dynamics

New entrants and changing competitive dynamics; in the current environment, the potential for convergence and overlap between players within and adjacent to the telco sector. In an environment of burgeoning demand from IoT applications, increasingly data-hungry enterprises and exponential growth in household data consumption, the economic incentives exist for new entrants and increased competitive rivalry between existing participants. We have direct experience in developing appropriate market responses to such changes.

Operations consulting
  • Operational benchmarking of retail channel performance for a major Australian telco.
  • Several channel optimisation engagements incorporating optimised use of physical retail, contact centre and digital channels for the full range of customer contact missions.
  • Field service support optimisation for a range of engineering and maintenance service providers to the telco sector
  • Improving the customer experience, using data insights and aligning digital and technology projects to deliver value
  • In particular, we have considerable expertise in the improvement of sales and marketing planning and execution, including engagements dealing with:
    • Customer segmentation
    • Campaign Management
    • Call Centre Optimisation
    • Churn propensity modelling and management
    • Enterprise sales management
    • Field workforce management
    • Wholesale and Retail Pricing
Financial & risk management consulting

Our financial and risk management team incorporates a diverse range of professionals currently providing services into the market including:

  • Internal audit and risk reviews for a number of technology network-based businesses,
  • Specific investigations of a financial and risk nature including our recent:
    • Fraud risk profiling and online fraud protection services for a major Australian Telco.
    • Investigation of alleged breaches of anti-money laundering legislation by an emergent FinTech player.
    • Review of the justification of pricing and tolling by a major toll road operator on behalf of the Victorian State Government.
  • Valuations, financial and commercial due diligence on a wide range of organisations including:
    • Several due diligence and M&A strategy engagements for a major Australian Telco.
    • A number of financial due diligence engagements for 5G Networks.
    • Commercial due diligence on behalf of a foreign investor considering investment in the Australian infrastructure market.
    • Statutory audit and accounting advisory services for a number of hi-tech clients.
    • Cyber-security and technology risk audits for a range of ASX listed and non-listed entities.


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