Our Family Office Start-up package is redefining and democratising family office. We provide a simple 5 step process to ensure your family office is set up correctly in the early stages. We have recognised where families have gone wrong in the past and ensure our set up includes aligned values and vision, a structure set up for the future, clear communication channels and financial acumen training for the next generation.

The Family Office Start-up package simplifies what can be a complicated process and provides one point of contact for a range of services with the aim of setting you and your family up for the future.

As part of our Family Office Start-up package we will facilitate and document your family's values and vision. We also provide tax structuring advice and create a structure for the future. In addition, we provide a dedicated relationship manager, host online access to your documents and information, and provide quarterly reports from a family perspective so you can monitor your progress. We manage outsourced services and work alongside your existing providers across your investment platform and legal activities. We can also assist in the creation of a wealth strategy and the formation of an estate plan.

We understand a successful family office is one that has a clear vision, open communication lines and a Governance structure in place. As part of our Family Office Start-up package, we will organise regular family council meetings and produce a Family Charter, both crucial elements to successfully defining the relationships between your family and its ventures.


The Family Office Start-up package supports families with a simple 5 Step Guide to managing your family wealth as well as the intergenerational transfer of wealth.


At Grant Thornton we aim to create strong and meaningful client relationships. This means going beyond our technical expertise and elevating it with genuine care and sensitivity. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to a Family Office Start-up package, we tailor our management to your family’s unique requirements and ensure flexibility to develop as your needs evolve.

What sets us apart at Grant Thornton is we have accredited family business consultants who are experienced in facilitating family conversations. These skills are in addition to our consultant’s technical background in creating structures that align with the family vision and protect the family assets.

Kirsten Taylor-Martin
Partner & National Head of Family Business Consulting
Kirsten Taylor-Martin

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