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Survival mode for family businesses during COVID-19

In the current environment, the values of family businesses are being tested.

Your people are like family. 1.4 million family businesses in Australia, employing more than 50% of the entire workforce, are trying to hold on to their staff and maintain their family unit that is their business.

Now more than ever it’s time to focus on the longevity of your business and plan for the road ahead. In our recent webinar, Robert Powell and Kirsten-Taylor Martin, family business experts, approach the current environment through the eyes of family business. They discuss the various government stimulus packages including how to assess your family members eligibility, as well as looking at the unique qualities and behaviours that advantage family businesses such as trust, and how you hold onto this in times of crisis. To support you through these challenging times, we’ve compiled a toolkit and checklist to guide you in the upcoming months with the longer-term in mind.

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