Unprecedented…2020…is it ever! And in unprecedented times, during the first recession we’ve had in decades, this year’s Federal Budget is also unprecedented. It’s a cash splash. It’s about scaling up manufacturing and energy, boots and utes on the ground, and moving towards a digital economy.

Webinar - Tues 10 Nov Budget impact and future considerations for aged care
Aged care leaders have faced a multitude of challenges in recent times.
A once in a lifetime budget
The Government has delivered a once in a lifetime Federal Budget in response to COVID-19.
Webinar - Thur 5 Nov Retail therapy for the good of our economy
With the retail sector being one of Australia’s largest employers, the industry will be central to the country’s recovery from the COVID-19 recession.
Webinar - Tues 20 Oct Cultivating growth
Despite generational droughts, floods, trade wars and global pandemics, the Australian agribusiness, food & beverage sector has been remarkably resilient – and
Webinar - Thur 12 Nov The Future of Life Sciences
Innovation will be a driving force for growth and recovery from recession
Webinar - Mon 16 Nov Optimise your back office to improve value and focus on efficiency
Higher education and schools are faced with an economic period that will see pressure on future enrolments and competition intensify to attract students.
Webinar - Wed 21 Oct Financial Services sector in supporting the economy
Following the highly anticipated Federal Budget announcement last week, we’re pleased to invite you to our Financial Services webinar, where we will unpack
Federal Budget 2020-21 Navigating the new normal
Unprecedented…2020…is it ever! And in unprecedented times, during the first recession we’ve had in decades, this year’s Federal Budget is also unprecedented.
Insight $18b Technology Investment Roadmap
The Government states they are technology agnostic and that they will not hinge their hopes on one kind of energy generation for the future. Having said this,

Latest news

WA Budget cash splash in lead up to State election

08 Oct 2020

Treasurer Ben Wyatt delivered the Western Australian State Budget on 9 October 2020, the first of the State and Territory budgets of 2020.

NSW provides additional land tax relief

29 Sep 2020

The New South Wales Government has moved to extend rent relief measures for commercial tenancies, providing an additional land tax concession to commercial landlords who provide relief.

Federal Government announces changes to insolvency laws for Small Business

23 Sep 2020

On 23 September 2020, Treasurer Josh Frydenberg announced the most significant insolvency reform in the last 30 years

Queensland Government extends rent relief provisions

21 Sep 2020

In a pre-election spending blitz, the Queensland Government has committed a further $4b to stabilise Queensland’s economy.

A boost to mid-size business is a boost for the Australian economy

22 May 2019

Today we released a report on the contribution of mid-size business to Australia – highlighting how initiatives and strategies geared to support and grow this segment could have a tangible impact on the Australian economy in just five years.

Level playing field for local retailers as Government announced low value import threshold to be abolished

04 May 2016

Following a surge in sales of goods from overseas based online retailers the Federal government has announced changes to the low-value import threshold for goods being imported into Australia in the 2016 Budget by extending GST to all imported goods from 1 July 2017. This measure is welcomed news for local retailers as the playing field is levelled for mid-sized businesses competing against foreign players not caught by Australia’s GST net.