The floodlight on the shadow economy has dimmed
Australia is sitting on an untapped pot of money, potentially $34 billion, that could be recouped from the shadow or black economy. The Government set up a
Tax in M&A: Share purchase agreements and what to consider when in negotiations
M&A activity has had a significant uptick during the pandemic, with cashed-up buyers capitalising on opportunities for strategic investments. With any
Insight After the floods: restructuring options
The 2022 floods across the east coast have had a catastrophic impact on businesses, many of which are still suffering the lingering effects of the COVID-19
Client alert NSW Modern Slavery law changes brings it in line with the country
In June 2018, the NSW Modern Slavery Act 2018 (NSW Act) was passed – just ahead of the national approach to modern slavery. The Commonwealth’s Modern Slavery
Insight Pearls of Wisdom: What it takes to be a powerful, impactful and influential leader in today’s environment
In a high-speed, high-energy presentation at NRF 2022: Retail’s Big Show, Morgan Stanley Vice Chairman and Managing Director Carla Harris shared her Eight
Client alert ATO developments impacting discretionary trusts
There have been some recent developments from the ATO which are set to impact those using a discretionary trust as part of their financial family arrangements.
Report Women in Business 2022
Grant Thornton’s Women in Business 2022 research tracked women in senior management across the world, through flexible working and supporting gender equity.
Insight Setting up a business presence in Australia
We have all seen the continued impact COVID-19 has had not only on businesses in general, but more broadly the global economy.
Insight WA to open up: Operating your business in this new and changing landscape
We explore how your business can best be ready when the WA borders finally reopen on 5 February 2022.
INSIGHT 2032 Summer Olympic and Paralympic Games: and the Soft Power they bring
Brand Brisbane is rising, boosted by the publicity of their upcoming host gig for the 2032 Olympics and Paralympic Games.
Watch on-demand Brisbane Olympics & Paralympics 2032 - Securing the opportunities
The green light has been given for Brisbane to host the 2032 summer Olympic and Paralympic Games.
Insight Government meets with business leaders to support vaccine roll-out
Today was the first of a series of meetings between the Federal Government and the country’s largest employers regarding the vaccine roll-out.