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Financial services firms operate under complex and heavy regulation.

Although global optimism is on the rise, the financial services sector still has work to do to regain the trust of individuals, public authorities, and private companies. 

Grant Thornton’s global network of member firms assists clients with asset management, banking and securities, and insurance. Our main services are audit and assurance, business risk management, consulting, compliance, risk and capital management, taxation, and transactions and restructuring. Many of our professionals have worked at CFO-level or in other financial and operational positions in the sector.

A case for proportionate regulation

It is time to revisit the case for proportionate regulation across the financial sector.

With consideration to all changes including prudential, conduct, industry, data and competition requirements.

Regulation should be tailored to the size, complexity and risk profile of an institution. In particular, when considering future conduct regulation in light of the outcomes of the Royal Commission, understanding how the needs of a customer are prioritised by an ADI is key.

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