There are times when an organisation or individual is subjected to complex situations which may increase the potential for financial or reputational risk.

Whether you are facing whistleblower allegations, regulatory scrutiny, complex litigation or corruption across the globe, our Forensic consulting professionals can help bring the clarity you need to manage adversity, protect value and return to normal operations.

Our Forensic consulting team have delivered specialist expertise to a broad range of clients covering all sectors, from law firms, government departments, companies, organisations, financial institutions to individuals. We work closely with you to understand your objectives and help you navigate through the risks to reach the best outcome.

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We work with our clients across all aspects of forensic consulting, including:

  • Litigation support: business valuations, shareholding and superannuation valuations, preparing asset and liability schedules, reconstructing accounts, critiquing and probing Expert Reports, bankruptcy proceedings, tracing transactions, family court testimony;
  • Fraud risk management and Investigation: fraud, theft of assets and cash, employee misconduct, bribery and corruption, intellectual property and identity theft, expert witness testimony and whistleblower programs;
  • IT Forensics: accounts payable analysis, payroll fraud, duplicate payments and EFT manipulation, computer forensic analysis, fraud detection, forensic capture of electronically stored information.

Our multi-disciplined forensics team are composed of business valuation specialists, industry specialists and licenced investigators.

We are well placed to investigate and resolve the most complex matter through building a sustainable and valuable relationship with our clients, built on trust and integrity.

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