In volatile and uncertain times we need courageous people to lead effectively.

Developing leaders who are resilient, innovative and courageous in a highly dynamic and interdependent workplace requires a fundamentally different approach. The days of passive participation – sitting, listening and hoping for transformation are gone forever.

At our Executive Leadership Academy we create immersive learning experiences that will shift the way you view opportunities, challenges and issues.

Our approach equips leaders with capability and confidence: to anticipate changing circumstances, act decisively in the absence of clear direction and maintain effectiveness in unpredictable environments. 

What you can expect

Drawing on the latest research and innovations in leadership, positive psychology and behavior change, we assist in creating sustainable and positive leadership habits.

We support leaders to consciously embark on a personal journey of leadership development. Our inside-out approach encourages leaders to truly understand themselves and the impact they have on the world around them. 

Grant Thornton Executive Leadership Academy offerings

Through our programs, we provide leaders with tangible opportunities to experiment with change and form good leadership habits. 

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A public leadership program for C-Suite executives

12 months in duration. Find out more

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A public leadership program for imminent future leaders aspiring to executive leadership

9 months in duration. Find out more

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Drawing on our combined experience in Leadership, Talent and Culture we create bespoke solutions to your leadership challenges

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The Grant Thornton difference

We have an unwavering commitment to innovation, agility and authentic and courageous leadership.

Using strength-based coaching, we take participants into challenging environments that reflect the complex issues facing leaders. In moderated environments, you’ll explore the dynamics and complexities of leadership in today's interconnected world. You’ll be challenged to expand your thinking; to deeply connect with your clients and communities, and to make a tangible difference in people’s lives.

We create a learning environment that empowers leaders to reflect, experiment and change the way they lead. Be prepared for a unique experience. We transform the way leaders view the world and how they work.


Applications must be received at least four weeks before the program start date. Admission is selective and based on organisational responsibility and industry. 

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