So how has COVID-19 changed how businesses survive and how can they set themselves up to thrive, now and into the future? From business strategy, to industry innovation and economic landscape analysis, we’ve brought together our experts to unpack how Australian businesses are doing things differently and managing this period of uncertainty – at magnitudes never seen before in Australia.

A green-led COVID recovery
Last week was “energy week” – with a number of policy announcements from the Federal Government, and yesterday’s launch of the Low Emissions Statement
Podcast ASX listings to pick up in the run up to Christmas
When COVID-19 hit, new listings on the stock market took a dive.
Brave new world
The impacts of COVID-19 will continue to be massive on businesses and individuals alike.
Disrupted or disruptor?
AI, big data, machine learning, the Internet of Things – all things that were “coming” in the years leading up to the COVID-19 pandemic and are now staring us
Park your innovation dollar here
The government has said the economy needs to ‘grow’ out of the recession. Innovation will be to key to this.
The future of manufacturing looks optimistic
COVID-19 has brought with it a tumultuous yet interesting time for the manufacturing sector.
No such thing as a quick recovery
If the government’s economic outlook last week tells us anything, it’s that we need to be realistic about the Australian economy.
Is COVID-19 the catalyst for a changing of the guard for family business?
The Australian family business doesn’t just mean the café down the road. Spanning nearly every industry and size, the nimble nature of family businesses has
Getting your house in order - What happens when the COVID support measures end?
When COVID hit, the combination of JobKeeper, banks deferring principal and interest payments, and temporary changes to insolvency laws gave businesses some
When cash is king – where do you turn when the banks pull back?
During the Global Financial Crisis we saw a tightening of liquidity from traditional sources – which took a period of nearly five years to bounce back.
Is this the death of the CBD?
The future of work is being redefined right now. With more and more businesses embracing flexible working, this will have an impact on the commercial property
Do we need to turn higher education on its head to ensure skills for the future?
Universities have experienced so much change over the last few years.
To address our record deficit we need real tax reform
For the first time in 29 years, Australia is in a recession.
It’s not a return to work, it’s a redesign of work
As Australia’s economy restarts, the focus has been on the ‘return to work’.
Riding the storm: Is the partnership model dead?
The professional services landscape has changed with COVID-19. The more agile the firm, the better placed they were to ride out the storm.
How Australia’s producers are adapting to COVID-19
It’s been a rough start to the year for our farmers and major food producers – with a drought, bushfires, an ongoing water crisis and now COVID-19 which has
Where Minecraft meets history
As schools go back to Term 2, parents all around the nation are either preparing for children to return to school or settling in for a continuation of the home
Coronavirus and the dark web
There is a whole economy on the dark web built upon your stolen data – with an economic cost of approximately US$5t worldwide and US$1b in Australia alone.
Necessity is the mother of invention
Remote working was initially exciting for people – but with no end in sight, the excitement has quickly worn off and we all need to find ways to motivate
Gearing up for a manufacturing renaissance
COVID-19 has brought transparency to manufacturing – for the first time, consumers are starting to understand what we do and don’t make here, and changing

Latest news

Coronavirus restrictions to remain for at least four weeks

16 Apr 2020

Briefing the media after today’s National Cabinet meeting, the Prime Minister Scott Morrison revealed that we were much further ahead in the suppression of COVID-19 then we anticipated we would be at this stage, but that it was still essential to synchronise our health response to our economic response.

Prime Minister says we’re in the suppression phase

03 Apr 2020

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has updated the media after this morning’s National Cabinet meeting where they discussed rent relief, self-isolation rules for people on working holidays and religious services for Easter.

Free access to childcare and updates on Industry Awards

02 Apr 2020

Today Prime Minister Scott Morrison made a short update on new measures to support workers to participate in the economy. This includes free access to childcare for all essential workers as well as changes to employee Awards, saving tens of thousands of jobs.