Tax across borders: the journey to a global minimum corporate tax rate
In our podcast, Tax Partners Vince Tropiano and Brett Curtis discuss what the global minimum corporate tax rate agreement means for Australian businesses, how
Crypto as payment? We’re not there yet
In this podcast, Ian Renwood, partner and National Head of Technology & Media, and Jace Gawne-Buckland, partner in Private Business Tax & Advisory, talk all
How to commercialise a great idea
In our podcast, Innovation and Incentives partner Sandie Boswell, discusses what makes an innovative business successful (hint – lots of passion and
Global mobility: rip up your plan and start again
In this podcast, we speak to Tom Isbell, partner and Remunerations Tax specialist at Grant Thornton, about skilled migration and global talent management.
Mining is strong – but we can make it stronger
Australia has the second largest reserve volumes of lithium in the world, yet only 4% of it is refined or processed in Australia – we send it all offshore.
The surprising cost of getting payroll wrong
In our podcast, Alex Bell, partner and National Head of Forensics at Grant Thornton, unpacks the complexities behind payroll and awards, the unexpected
The trend towards Employee Share Schemes shows no sign of abating
A favourite instrument for start-ups and companies about to list – Employee Share Schemes are used far more widely than most people think.
A solid budget, but a reckoning is coming on international borders
In this podcast, we’re joined by Phil Coorey, Political Editor at the Australian Financial Review, and Vince Tropiano, Corporate Tax Partner in our Sydney
Smart food & beverage manufacturing is so much more than packaging
In our latest podcast, Tony Pititto, National Head of Agribusiness, Food & Beverage at Grant Thornton and Madina Aziz, Audit Partner discuss the opportunities
Fulfilling Australia’s Modern Manufacturing vision
The Government has a 10 year plan to implement the Modern Manufacturing Initiative and develop our manufacturing capability.
Australian life sciences companies need to be born global
We’ve never been more aware of where our pharmaceuticals and medical products come from, or how long therapeutics take to go from research to product.
The million dollar question: is stamp duty or land tax better?
New South Wales has just undergone a public consultation regarding a swap from stamp duty to land tax over a decades long transition period.
Rivers of Data: Quid pro quo and data analytics
Google receives nearly 85% of its revenue from user data insights.
PODCAST Being a good corporate citizen is about more than just compliance
In this podcast, Grant Thornton Risk Consulting partner Katherine Shamai discusses what it means to be a good corporate citizen, how COVID has moved the
Tech enabled businesses to dominate M&A in 2021
M&A took a massive hit in 2020, with the majority of transactions put on hold in the February-March 2020 period in response to COVID.
Mining Boom 3.0 is about being smarter, not necessarily bigger
Don’t just think iron ore. Australia is truly resource rich – from hydrogen through to lithium and nickel for energy storage, and Rare Earth minerals for
A once in a lifetime budget
The Government has delivered a once in a lifetime Federal Budget in response to COVID-19.
The changing shape of retail
COVID-19 has changed the way we shop – perhaps forever. There is no retailer unaffected. But while many in the industry are experiencing hardships they might
A green-led COVID recovery
Last week was “energy week” – with a number of policy announcements from the Federal Government, and yesterday’s launch of the Low Emissions Statement
ASX listings to pick up in the run up to Christmas
When COVID-19 hit, new listings on the stock market took a dive.
Brave new world
The impacts of COVID-19 will continue to be massive on businesses and individuals alike.
Disrupted or disruptor?
AI, big data, machine learning, the Internet of Things – all things that were “coming” in the years leading up to the COVID-19 pandemic and are now staring us
Park your innovation dollar here
The government has said the economy needs to ‘grow’ out of the recession. Innovation will be to key to this.
The future of manufacturing looks optimistic
COVID-19 has brought with it a tumultuous yet interesting time for the manufacturing sector.

Latest news

Coronavirus restrictions to remain for at least four weeks

16 Apr 2020

Briefing the media after today’s National Cabinet meeting, the Prime Minister Scott Morrison revealed that we were much further ahead in the suppression of COVID-19 then we anticipated we would be at this stage, but that it was still essential to synchronise our health response to our economic response.

Prime Minister says we’re in the suppression phase

03 Apr 2020

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has updated the media after this morning’s National Cabinet meeting where they discussed rent relief, self-isolation rules for people on working holidays and religious services for Easter.

Free access to childcare and updates on Industry Awards

02 Apr 2020

Today Prime Minister Scott Morrison made a short update on new measures to support workers to participate in the economy. This includes free access to childcare for all essential workers as well as changes to employee Awards, saving tens of thousands of jobs.