Helping our clients develop transformational leaders and high performing teams.

During volatile and uncertain times, the best leaders embrace change. Highly effective and resilient leaders, who drive change, attract high performing teams and create inspiring organisational cultures are the most successful.

Developing such leaders takes time and a genuine commitment to strengthen leadership at all levels, from the CEO to the newly appointed graduate. 

What we do

Working with leaders across multiple industries, Grant Thornton’s human capital team has developed innovative and transformational leadership development programs that challenge many of the traditional models of leadership development.

Our team have had outstanding success in delivering unique, innovative and compelling leadership programs. We create a learning environment which is challenging, creative and encourages experimentation in a supportive way.

Building leadership capability, we can assist with:

  • c-suite leadership development 
  • executive and senior leadership development
  • accelerated leadership development of future leaders

Focus areas include: innovation, resilience, strength based coaching, agility, growth mindset, empowerment and courageous leadership.

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