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Technology consulting

Helping harness the power of technology

Technology provides organisations with some of the greatest opportunities to grow and compete. It can drive innovation and help advance your company’s products and services. It can enable greater scale and reach, commoditise and monetise your data and enhance profitability through improved operational effectiveness.

But technology also carries with it inherent risks and inefficiencies when the wrong ones are implemented or the right ones are not managed properly.

Choosing the right technology solution for your organisation can be complex and somewhat overwhelming. With a number of cloud and emerging technologies now available, it’s not uncommon for organisations to lose their way on what is right for them, with key deciding factors overlooked.

More risks or issues emerge when you reach the stage of implementation: where poorly-scoped technology projects can result in budget blow-outs, inefficient and drawn out processes, misguided efforts, even sluggish performance.

To succeed, your digital strategy must create long-term, sustainable value to your business, while also reflecting the operational and cultural realities of your organisation.

Grant Thornton’s Technology Consulting team works with clients to design, execute and optimise their digital investments and transformation strategies. We understand your objectives at the outset – and take a long-term view of future growth and needs – to develop and implement solutions that match your technology investments with your business culture and growth strategy.

Key services

  • Digital and systems implementation
    Digital and systems implementation
    Our specialists support clients to navigate and implement the right digital solution for the future of their business.
  • Cloud solutions
    Cloud solutions
    We help businesses select and deploy the most appropriate solutions for their business success, ensuring they operate effectively and efficiently at scale.
  • Emerging technology
    Emerging technology
    We help clients understand and apply the right technologies to their business. Setting themselves apart from their competitors, deliver superior products and services to their customers, and ultimately increase revenue.

Our Technology consulting services


We work with clients to plan, evaluate and implement the right digital transformation strategy and solutions to meet their needs.

Cloud and infrastructure

We help clients across the whole process of cloud strategy and implementation to ensure a sustainable, successful solution.

Emerging technology solutions

We support clients to plan, evaluate investment in and implement emerging technologies to succeed in their market.

Automation and implementation

Our team works with clients to scope and implement business automation solutions to streamline processes and minimise risk.

Data and analytics consulting

We review and analyse your data points to give valuable operational and strategic insights to key stakeholders.

Ian Renwood
Partner & National Head of Technology Consulting
Ian Renwood
Learn more about Ian Renwood
Ian Renwood
Partner & National Head of Technology Consulting
Ian Renwood

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