Are you ready for the GST changes?

06 Oct 2016

Legislation introducing what was referred to in the media as the ‘Netflix Tax’ is now black letter law. The first draft of significant GST changes are effective as of 1 October 2016, relate to Business to Business (or ‘B2B changes’) and intangible supplies e.g. services, rights, leasing etc.

Celebrating great family businesses

17 Sep 2016

Family Business in Australia is a sector which accounts for almost half a million businesses and fifty percent of the Australian workforce.

SMSF advice rules have changed from 1 July 2016

17 Sep 2016

In order to further protect Australia’s self managed superannuation fund (SMSF) trustees and members, the regulations around who can provide advice, and how, about investment strategy has changed.

Investing: The great Australian property dream?

17 Sep 2016

Investing: The great Australian property dream?

Super hot spot: Even fairer super

16 Sep 2016

The Government has announced changes to the controversial superannuation proposals released in this year’s Federal Budget. With months of lobbying under his belt, it appears that Scott Morrison may have reached some agreement with his fellow party members, releasing policy for “even fairer, more flexible and sustainable superannuation”.

Super hot spot: September 2016

01 Sep 2016

Super hot spot: September 2016

APRA prudential policy outlook for Private Health Insurance

03 Aug 2016

APRA prudential policy outlook for Private Health Insurance

Resource Assessment Grants

15 Jul 2016

The new Resource Assessment Grants program has been designed for Victorian manufacturers with less than 200 employees who are interested in improving their profitability by reducing energy and materials costs.

Private health insurers advised to review APRA Discussion Paper

13 Jul 2016

The Australian Prudential Regulation Authority’s most recent discussion paper and draft proposals are aimed at general and life insurers; however, the paper clearly articulates: … some of the proposals in the discussion paper are likely to be relevant to private health insurers and APRA will consider applying them to private health insurers in due course.

South Australian State Budget 2016-17 – Job creation the cornerstone

09 Jul 2016

With Australia’s highest rate of unemployment, it’s no surprise South Australian Treasurer, Tom Koutsantonis, emphasised job creation as the cornerstone of his budget, handed down on 7 July 2016.