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GST changes to the Low Value Goods threshold

22 Jun 2017

From 1 July 2018, GST will be extended to low value goods imported by Australian consumers.

Do you have an Employee Share Scheme reporting obligation?

22 Jun 2017

Has your company (or parent company) provided free or discounted shares or rights to receive shares to employees, directors or individual consultants (Employees), or their nominees, during the 2017 income year?

Diverted profits tax has increased the tax challenges for multinational companies

21 Jun 2017

Australia has continued its aggressive, unilateral approach to tackling Base Erosion and Profit Shifting, with the Diverted Profits Tax (DPT) introduced to combat multinational companies shifting profits out of Australia.

Multinational anti-avoidance legislation

21 Jun 2017

The Tax Law Amendment (Combating multinational Tax Avoidance) Bill 2015 (“MAAL”) casts the spotlight onto corporate activity that encourages the reduction of tax liabilities in Australia.

Significant impact of CbC reporting obligations for multinational companies

21 Jun 2017

The Australian Government has continued its push for transparency on how Significant Global Entities (SGE) organise their operations and tax affairs.

New South Wales State Budget 2017-18

21 Jun 2017

NSW Treasurer Dominic Perrottet has unveiled budget “that builds for the next generation” in his budget speech on 20 June 2017.

Increase to penalty rates for multinationals failing to lodge ATO documents on time

20 Jun 2017

The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) has substantially increased penalties that apply to Significant Global Entities failing to file tax documents on time or that make a false or misleading statement related to tax matters.

Queensland State Budget 2017-18

15 Jun 2017

The Queensland State Budget 2017-18 was handed down by Treasurer Hon Curtis Pitt MP on 13 June 2017 with a high-spending mandate focused on employment and infrastructure.

$320 million in new Commonwealth funding announced

08 Jun 2017

$320 million in new Commonwealth funding announced

Special alert: Grant Thornton World scam

30 May 2017

In recent months, Grant Thornton has been aware of a scam that has been using our name without consent, targeting people by posing under the name of ‘Grant Thornton World’ or ‘Thornton World’.