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Five tips for demonstrating your organisation’s impact

Simon Hancox Simon Hancox

Grant Thornton’s Simon Hancox and John Picot together with Professor David Gilchrist from the University of Western Australia held a webinar discussing the importance of demonstrating impact in organisations.

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Five tips for demonstrating impact in your organisation: 

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Measuring & demonstrating impact is more than just proving your worth

Measuring impact helps an organisation to understand whether their activities and strategy are aligned with its mission and purpose. The process also enables a proactive rather than a reactive approach to stakeholder fulfilment (including Government), as the data can be used for different purposes. Organisations that prove their impact often encourage positive PR which in turn attracts greater talent to their team and funding.

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Start with the low hanging fruit

Measuring outcomes can be overwhelming, with barriers to initiation including not being seen as a funding priority, perceived lack of skills and cost. Just getting started is often the most difficult part – the process can be broken down into smaller tasks and the approach systemised to ensure quality and continuity.

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Measuring impact is contagious

Organisations often find that once the outcomes measurement process has commenced, and the results start to become visible, it doesn’t take long to gain buy-in and momentum from the Board and the rest of the team.

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Use technology to hear your client’s perspective

There are many new, innovative ways of capturing data for measuring outcomes. One of the most important feedback that organisations can receive is directly from the people who benefit from their service – their clients. One way we’ve seen organisations obtain this successfully is by prompting feedback through mobile App software.

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Measuring impact can be simple and cost-effective

There are many different ways to approach measuring outcomes, the decision for this often being based on an organisation’s people skill level, budget and/or time parameters. Even focusing on just one or two mission-aligned key outcomes and starting with easy reach data will reap rewards for your organisation.

We offer a range of solutions for our clients - from initial workshop strategy sessions to complete guidance through the entire impact measurement process. Grant Thornton Australia are experts in this skillset.

Grant Thornton Australia partnered with the University of Western Australia on an Outcomes Measurement Research Agenda (completed late 2018) where we set out to provide practical and effective tools to assist human services organisations to respond to the increasing demands for outcomes-based practices. In our final paper, we outlined a simplified 10 step Outcomes Identification Process to guide organisations through the outcomes measurement process.

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